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To help you drive adoption and increase your teamwork skills, we provide a call each month for the Microsoft 365 Champion community.


Calls are held the fourth Tuesday of each month at 8:05 AM and 5:05 PM Pacific, with some exceptions. On this page, you can find out when the next call is scheduled and the topics we plan to cover. You can also access resources* from previous calls.

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To ask questions of us or other community members, visit our Driving Adoption forum on the Microsoft Tech Community.

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*Recordings and presentations are available in English only.

Upcoming call

Join us for our next community call on June 25, 2024, where we'll showcase how you can maximize your AI transformation with Copilot investments and enable your admins, adoption managers, and senior leaders to drive user enablement, satisfaction, and impact.

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Call resources by year

Date Primary Topic Recording PowerPoint
May 2024 Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 Success Kit overview. Watch Download
April 2024 Microsoft Teams Communities, Microsoft 365 Community Conference BOGO discount code. Watch Download
March 2024 Microsoft Copilot for Sales. Watch Download
February 2024 The immersive, 3D world of Microsoft Mesh. Watch Download
January 2024 The retirement of Microsoft Teams Live Events and the new Microsoft Teams town halls experience, Microsoft 365 Community Conference announcement, including a discount code, and the new Microsoft Community Insights survey. Watch Download

Date Primary Topic Recording PowerPoint
November 2023 Microsoft Global Community Initiative, Copilot for Microsoft 365 and extending the Copilot experience, new innovation announcements at Ignite 2023 WatchDownload
October 2023 Power Pages deep dive and demos, open call for Microsoft Community Regional Leads WatchDownload
September 2023 FastTrack for Microsoft 365, Microsoft OneDrive event: The Future of File Management is here, interactive Custom Production Virtual Event Playbook, and updates across Microsoft 365 WatchDownload
July 2023 Microsoft 365 Copilot and pricing, Bing Chat Enterprise, and Business Assist Text Analytics, a tool that allows customers to collect feedback verbatims via surveys and gather insights WatchDownload
June 2023 Microsoft Teams Emergency Operations Center (TEOC), Community spotlight: Tanya Caruana, Microsoft 365 Champion WatchDownload
May 2023 Adoption Score: Group Level Aggregates, Community spotlight: Kathy Pepe, Microsoft 365 Champion WatchDownload
April 2023 Experience Insights deep dive and demo WatchDownload
April 2023 bonus Championing continuous learning - hear from customers on how they are driving continuous learning within their organizations, the impact this has had, and lessons learned. WatchDownload
March 2023 The new Microsoft Teams app, Community spotlight: Alana Kelsey, Microsoft 365 Champion WatchDownload
February 2023 Adoption Score overview, Community spotlight: Sean McAvoy, Microsoft 365 Champion WatchDownload
January 2023 Microsoft Teams Premium overview Watch Download

Date Primary Topic Recording PowerPoint
November 2022 Viva Goals deep dive: OKRs 101 Watch Download
October 2022 Microsoft Ignite 2022 recap Watch Download
September 2022 Overview and demo of Experience insights, a new portal currently in Public Preview within the Microsoft 365 Admin Center targeted towards success and adoption specialists and tailored to improve your users' experience with Microsoft 365 Watch Download
July 2022 Microsoft Adoption ( v2 launch, Office Insider Program overview and demo Watch Download
June 2022 6 steps to prepare for the metaverse Watch Download
May 2022 #AppForThat: deep dive into community apps, such as Champion Management Platform, Tournament of Teams, and Teams Emergency Operations Center Watch Download
April 2022 Community presenters from the UK Department for Interational Trade share how they've leveraged Microsoft Teams to transform their daily operations and how it's impacted the departments work strategy Watch Download
March 2022 #TeamsAnniversary, Microsoft 365 CARES Program update, #HybridWork: a #PeopleFirst approach, finding balance, maintaining sustainability, and changing habits Watch Download
February 2022 #BoostYourGame, Microsoft 365 CARES Program update, driving engagement and best practices in communities on Yammer and Teams, top new Microsoft 365 features Watch Download
January 2022 #StartStrong, Microsoft 365 CARES Program update, #PeopleFirst strategy update, updates to the MOCA, Champion Management Platform (version 2.0 now available!) and Tournament of Teams, Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in Public Preview, top new Teams features Watch Download

Date Primary Topic Recording PowerPoint
November 2021 Microsoft 365 CARES Program update, top new Teams features, Microsoft Ignite 2021 news recap Watch Download
October 2021 Perspective matters, gathering and analyzing user feedback, adoption scenarios survey, Microsoft 365 CARES Program update, top new Teams features Watch Download
September 2021 Managing your attention, Microsoft 365 learning pathways update, Microsoft 365 CARES Program update, top new Teams features Watch Download
August 2021 Evolving the community calls, introduction to the Microsoft 365 CARES Program + signup, new top Teams features Watch Download
June 2021 The collective power of us - learn from the LGBTQI+ community, a peek into a day in our week, and tips on leveraging Lists an other tools to stay productive and informed Watch Download
May 2021 Strategies for successful breaks and overcoming meeting fatigue, and hear from the Sharing is Caring community Watch Download
April 2021 Celebrate volunteerism, PowerPoint Live and storytelling for Champions, Viva Platform overview, and the Hybrid Workplace resources Watch Download
March 2021 International Women’s History Month, storytelling, Champion Management Platform (CMP), and Microsoft Ignite recap Watch Download
February 2021 Reimagine a better future, team connections, Champion hub tools overview, and Task publishing overview Watch Download
January 2021 2021 Kick off: hitting refresh, schedule, and topic preview Watch Download

Date Primary Topic Recording PowerPoint
November 2020 Resilience in action, online learning roadmap, and planning for change Watch Download
October 2020 #HumansFirst, online learning, and evolving adoption for our times Watch Download
September 2020 Ignite 2020, The Virtual Hub, and the Virtual Events Playbook Watch Download
August 2020 Modern Collaboration Architecture Watch Download
June 2020 What’s new in Microsoft Teams & Templates Watch Download
May 2020 Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways & Apps in Microsoft Teams Watch Download
April 2020 Remote work and virtual events Watch Download
February 2020 Modern PM with Tasks & Project for the web Watch Download
January 2020 Getting started with Office 365 ProPlus Watch Download

Date Primary Topic Recording PowerPoint
December 2019 Transforming communication with Microsoft Stream and Live Events Watch Download
November 2019 Setup and run and champion program in your organization Watch Download
October 2019 Resolving adoption blockers Watch Download
September 2019 Content planning with SharePoint & PowerBI Watch Download
August 2019 Implementation project plan review Watch Download
July 2019 Outlook mobile tips Watch Download
June 2019 What’s new in Yammer Watch Download
May 2019 Get in the Flow Watch Download
April 2019 Power App templates Watch Download
March 2019 Microsoft 365 adoption workbook Watch Download
February 2019 Microsoft 365 training guide and workbook Watch Download
January 2019 Adoption specialist and governance Watch Download