Microsoft Viva Glint Adoption

Viva Glint is a "voice of the employee" solution helping organizations understand and improve employee engagement.

Measure and improve employee engagement

This infographic outlines how highly engaged employees positively impact key business outcomes.

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Promote a culture of feedback

Deliver surveys that are quick, confidential, and accessible across all devices, regions, and abilities.

Empower managers to take action

Equip managers with dashboards to understand their teams’ feedback results, identify focus areas, guide team conversations, and track progress.

Provide employees relevant resources

Support employees with learning opportunities and encourage team conversations for improvement.

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In 2022, the most engaged organizations showed high resilience, even outperforming the broader market in 2022.

Source: 2023 Microsoft Viva Glint study of 3,005,848 employees at 226 public organizations listed on U.S. financial exchanges

Resource library

Adoption guide

Resource document to help support your Viva Glint adoption.

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Adoption project template

An example project plan designed to help you begin your Microsoft Viva adoption journey.

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Defining a measurement strategy

Tips and guidance for defining your measurement objectives.

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Survey design principles

Key best practices to maximize survey participation.

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Propel action taking with conversations

Tips for transitioning from insights to action taking.

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Essential guide to employee engagement

Core elements of a successful employee engagement program.

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Manager quick guide

Use this manager guide to navigate Viva Glint, interpret survey results, avoid common pitfalls, and take actions with your team.

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A modern approach to measuring employee engagement

Learn more about Viva Glint’s methodology and survey principles.

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Managers matter

Managers play a vital role in employee engagement and performance.

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Business outcomes of engaged employees

Learn how highly engaged employees impact business outcomes.

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Action taking datasheet

Learn how highly engaged employees impact business outcomes.

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Enabling the hybrid and flexible workforce

3 people-centric habits to help support remote, hybrid, and flexible work environments.

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Learn more about Viva Glint today!

Viva Glint delivers immediate visibility into employee engagement with org-wide surveys and recommended actions to drive business outcomes.

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