Enabling your frontline workers with Microsoft Teams

Frontline workers are an essential part of your organization – they are the first to engage your customers, the first to see products and services in action, and the first to represent your brand. Yet, many frontline workers find themselves held back by legacy tools and processes, often being the last to experience the transformational benefits of modern technology.

Connect everyone in your organization with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the frontline operations and communications platform built to connect and empower everyone in your organization – from the frontline to the C-suite.

Microsoft Teams can deliver simple, intuitive, and secure solutions for your frontline workers – consolidating the tools they use in a single pane of glass. Product innovations designed for the frontline, such as Shifts, Tasks, and Approvals, combined with premier partner integrations and the ability to create custom no/low code apps empower you to address evolving business challenges and opportunities.

8 success factors for valuable Microsoft Teams solutions for frontline workers

Customers that have successfully embarked on a journey to empower their frontline with Microsoft Teams see the following factors as pivotal to their success:

    1. Keep frontline workers front and center of every technical and adoption decision.
    2. Define a problem worth solving – the what’s needed by whom and why before the how.
    3. Ensure collaboration between business and IT leadership for a solution that solves the problem and aligns with the business needs.
    4. Engage with frontline managers who often define the ways of working and drive adoption of new technology with their frontline teams.
    5. Leverage the right building blocks for the solution to solve the problem and meet business needs.
    6. Start simple for rapid time-to-value.
    7. Capture frontline user feedback as part of the pilot.
    8. Expand frontline solutions continuously to drive evolving business outcomes.

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Join our customer engineering experts as we review how Microsoft Teams can accelerate your frontline worker deployment. Featuring examples from manufacturing, retail, hospitality, and transportation industries, we’ll explore how Microsoft Teams provides a single experience for productive conversations, smooth flow of information, and simplified schedule management in a compliant and secure environment for your frontline workers. You’ll leave this session with tangible next steps to accelerate your planning.

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Solution Success Kit

Download your kit to delivering truly valuable Microsoft Teams solutions for frontline workers – complete with proven methodology, best practices, and planning resources to help you accelerate achieving your goals. This kit is recommended for roles responsible for defining priority business scenarios (Business Decision Makers), conducting technical implementation for frontline worker environments (IT Pros), and driving projects and change within your organization (PMs and Change Managers).

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Customer stories

Customers across various industries and worldwide locations have leveraged Microsoft Teams to provide intuitive, secure solutions to address key scenarios for their frontline workers. Explore how Microsoft Teams has helped other organizations achieve their goals while streamlining frontline worker experiences.

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