Microsoft Viva Insights Adoption

Improve employee productivity and wellbeing with data-driven, privacy-protected insights and recommendations from Viva Insights in Microsoft Teams.

Accelerate your AI transformation

Use Viva Insights to help accelerate your journey to becoming an AI-powered organization.

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Get personal insights based on work patterns

Build better work habits with data-driven suggestions to improve your focus and collaboration. Receive actionable recommendations, such as tapping into moments of mindfulness, to improve your work and wellbeing.

Help your team balance wellbeing

Gain manager and leader insights and foster personal habits that have a positive impact on team culture—for example, “no-meeting” days.

Address unique business challenges

Generate reports and valuable insights for business leaders on your team. Use these insights to address challenges with interactive reporting and a library of prebuilt visualizations tools.

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Resource library

Adoption guide

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Adoption project template

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Communication guide

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Personal Insights Day in the Life guide

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Manager Insights Day in the Life guide

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Jumpstart organizational change

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Learn how Microsoft uses Viva Insights

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Privacy and the employee experience eBook

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Monthly customizable emails

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Viva Insights eBook

Learn how Microsoft prioritizes privacy within Viva Insights.

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Viva Insights privacy video

Understand the built privacy safeguards and features within Viva Insights.

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Viva Insights privacy video with Admin overview

Viva Insights privacy video with an additional section on Admin privacy settings and controls.

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User guidance document

User guidance for the Viva Insights privacy videos and eBook.

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Below the Surface

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Design productive workspaces

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Maximizing team potential

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Scaling sales best practices

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Supercharge your analysis with Microsoft Viva Insights R and Python packages

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Organizational network analysis

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FastTrack self-service deployment guide

This guide will help you to deploy Viva Insights to help improve productivity and employee wellbeing through data-driven, privacy-protected insights, and recommendations.

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Help your employees thrive with Viva

Powered by Microsoft 365 and experienced through Microsoft Teams, Viva fosters a culture that empowers people and teams to be their best from anywhere.

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