Microsoft 365 Government
Adoption Resources

Empowering US public sector organizations to transition to Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Teams for Government Adoption Flipbook

This guide will help you Implement Microsoft Teams for your US Government Organization.

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Digital Transformation in Government eBook

This e-book explores the components that go into a digital transformation and provides guidance for governments considering a move to the cloud.

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Steps on your adoption journey

Get started

Engage your org

Train your org

Connect with communities

Adoption Success Factors

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Recruit executive sponsors
Empower champions

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Prioritize your scenarios
Measure success


Why Microsoft 365 Government?

Learn about the business value of Microsoft 365 Government and what makes it different from Microsoft 365 enterprise offerings


Digital Transformation Playbook: Four Elements to a Successful Strategy

Playbook to help you tackle the process of Digital Transformation step by step

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The 4 keys to accelerating government digital transformation

Read this infographic to learn how governments can become more agile and responsive, deliver better services, and reduce costs using modern technology.

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Build a Champion Program

Learn how a champions program influences end user adoption.

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Customer Stories

List of Government customer stories helping you to start the conversation with users about how they can use M 365 Government in their day-to-day work life.

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Day in the Life

Explore ways M365 Teams for Government is used throughout a typical day


Measuring Success Guide

Guidance on driving ongoing adoption, managing change, measuring and sharing success.


Sample User Satisfaction Surveys

Templates to gather feedback from your Microsoft 365 users to help track progress and measure success in the areas of user satisfaction and productivity.