SharePoint Adoption

Microsoft SharePoint in Microsoft 365 has been designed to make it easier for anyone to create dynamic sites and pages that are mobile ready.

SharePoint Adoption Guide SharePoint Adoption Day in the Life Guide

SharePoint Adoption Playbook

The Success Factors outlined in this deck will help make sure you’re set up for a successful roll-out, no matter what your business challenges.

SharePoint Adoption Campaign
Project Plan Template

Sample template to help you plan and implement the SharePoint Adoption program.

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Microsoft SharePoint in Microsoft 365 has been designed to make it easier for anyone to create dynamic sites and pages that are mobile ready. SharePoint is designed to be fun, flexible and faster to help create a modern experience.

Engage Your Org

Looking to build a community where every member benefits from learning from one another and build a sense of support and belonging? You’re in the right place.

Train Your Org

Remember, you are not in this alone. You have access to free online content, resources, templates and tools that will help you and your organization with engagement right at your fingertips. Check out some of the resources.

Build Champions

A champion is a person, primarily motivated by helping others. Champions will:

  • Create the groundswell of enthusiasm that grows adoption.
  • Build a circle of influence among their teams.
  • Bring the new ways of working to life across teams.
  • Identify business challenges and possible solutions.
  • Provide feedback to the project team and sponsors.
  • Reduce strain on core project team through active, ongoing engagement.

Secure Your Environment

SharePoint analytics are available to help you improve engagement and enhance communication in your organization.

Adoption Success Factors


Recruit executive sponsors

Empower champions


Prioritize your scenarios

Measure success


Implement comms campaign

Execute launch events


Train end users

Ready help desk



Recruit key executive sponsors as their influence on culture is critical to driving employees’ adoption of new technology. Champions will evangelize and help build awareness, understanding and engagement throughout the community.

Executive Communication Planning

Plan communication to all staff from the executive sponsor.


Build your Microsoft 365 Champion Program

Learn how a champion program influences end user adoption.

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Build a Champion Program

Learn how a champions program influences end user adoption.

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Champion Program Plan Template

Create a plan to roll out an organization wide champion program to scale adoption.

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Identifying and defining your Business Scenarios helps achieve a smooth adoption by using SharePoint to address business challenges or achieve defined goals.

Envisioning Workshop Concept

Inspire participants about what’s possible with Intelligent Intranets.


SharePoint Look Book

Discover the modern experiences you can build and deploy with SharePoint in Microsoft 365

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Productivity Library

Library of user cases, pivoted around all-up O365 functionality, helping you to start the conversation with users about how they can use O365 in their day-to-day work life.

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Internal promotional communications and engagement events that focus on creating excitement and awareness for end users are critical to drive sustained usage

Communication Plan Overview Deck

Sample template to help you set up the SharePoint communication plan.


Campaign to raise awareness regarding the value SharePoint will provide.

SharePoint Countdown News Post Sample

Template informing of the countdown to your SharePoint roll-out.


SharePoint Flyer Template

Flyer used to help raise awareness of your SharePoint rollout.


SharePoint High Res Poster

High-resolution image to be used when rolling out SharePoint in your organization.


SharePoint Editable Poster Template

Poster used to help raise awareness of your SharePoint rollout.


Events to kick-off SharePoint launch and support adoption post-launch.

Launch and Buzz Event Planning

Best practices and key steps to help you plan SharePoint launch days and buzz events in your organization.


Communication and guide(s) to help end users get set up quickly and easily.

Quick Start Guide

Guidance on getting your users up and running quickly.


SharePoint Announcement News Post Sample

Template informing of your SharePoint roll-out.


Templates allowing you to follow-up with your users, post roll-out and launch around specific use case scenarios.

Tips And Tricks News Post Sample

Use the following templates to create your SharePoint News adoption promotion plan.


Sample Tips Calendar

Sample weekly tips calendar for eight weeks.



Conduct end user training to enable your organization to realize the full value of SharePoint.

SharePoint Training Plan Template

Sample template to help you setup your SharePoint training plan.


Microsoft 365 learning pathways

Help your organization get more from Microsoft services by implementing Microsoft 365 learning pathways.

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Training and guidance on how to use SharePoint with Microsoft 365.

Collaborate with Microsoft 365

Guidance on modern ways of collaborating with Microsoft 365 as an individual and as a team.

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End-User/Champions Training Guide

Deck that will help you deliver an end user training workshop on SharePoint.


Videos that can help end users understand different SharePoint features and functionalities.

SharePoint training

Get the basics or explore more with these training courses.

Explore training

What is SharePoint?

Create, store, and share content with SharePoint Online.

Find out now

Create sites

Collaborate with team content using SharePoint Online.

Start now

Share and sync

Create, upload, and share files in a document library.

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Guidance on differences that help end user adoption after migrating from a competitor.

Move files from Team Drive to SharePoint

End user adoption guide after you have made the move from Google Drive.

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