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Microsoft Viva Amplify empowers leaders and communicators to elevate their message and energize their people by meeting employees where they are.

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Read through our technical documentation on how to set up Viva Amplify in your organization, including licensing requirements, product limitations, how to manage campaigns, roles, and more.

Concerned about privacy and security? Viva Amplify follows standard Microsoft 365 privacy and security protocols. If your organization is using SharePoint, Viva Amplify will use the same privacy and security standards. As for the campaigns, they are set to private by default because campaigns are designed to be a private collaborative space for campaign team members to work and build their communications.

Technical documentation

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Now that you have Viva Amplify, what next? Read through our support pages to get started, or dive deeper with our Viva Amplify 101 guide. It guides you through common scenarios, how to set up campaigns and publications, how to manage reporting, and more.

Use our adoption guide and customizable poster to help raise awareness and drive adoption of Viva Amplify.

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“96% of leaders believe that effective communication
is the most critical skill to have today.”

Microsoft Work Trends Index Report, 2022 (surveying 20,000 employees, managers and business leaders)

Look through our most common Viva Amplify scenarios below for ideas on what campaigns to get started on. Click through each tile to see the full campaign brief, setup, communication channels, objectives, and key messages. Use any of these as a template to start communicating easier, communicating better, and be heard.

Campaign catalog

New employee onboarding

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Benefits enrollment

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Project updates

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Charitable giving

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New technology changes

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Letters from executives

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