Using Copilot in Sales

Use our guidance for Sales to get inspired, empower your workforce, and realize value from your Copilot investment. Get started with Copilot for Microsoft 365, or go even further with Copilot Studio and other Copilot extensions to streamline business processes.

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Goals and challenges

Based on Microsoft research selling is getting harder with 79% of sellers saying they need to support more account and are spending 70% of their time on administrative tasks such as research, planning, generating proposals, data entry, and internal meetings. ​

Transform Sales processes

Lead generation & management

Negotiation & closing

Post-sale follow-up & upsell

Sales engagement

Sales presentations

Microsoft Copilot opportunity to impact key functional area KPIs

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Close rate

Improving the customer of marketing content and customer interactions such and emails and meetings can help to improve close rates. In addition, improving targeting, pricing analysis, and creating effective promotions can also improve close rate.​

Customer retention​

Improving the quality of sales materials and interactions helps with retention, But the rest of the company can contribute as well from improved support interactions and first call resolution to improved customer feedback processes to product development. Research shows a 0.8-1% increase in revenue from improved retention.

Deal size

Copilot helps expand opportunities through cross selling. Sellers can use Copilot to get suggestions for cross selling opportunities and then research a better together story. Copilot also assists in pulling together quotes and proposals. Research shows a 2.5-3.1% increase in upsell or cross-sell.

Sales opportunities pursued​

Simplifying and automating tasks like preparing for meetings, tracking tasks. sending emails, creating proposals, and researching customer and product information can allow sellers to pursue more opportunities. Research shows an increase of 0.4-0.5% in opportunities.

Sales roles

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