Using Copilot in Information Technology

Use our guidance for Information Technology to get inspired, empower your workforce, and realize value from your Copilot investment. Get started with Copilot for Microsoft 365, or go even further with Copilot Studio and other Copilot extensions to streamline business processes.

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Goals and challenges

IT professional’s goals include accelerating digital transformation, securing the enterprise, optimizing collaboration, and driving adoption of emerging technologies like generative AI. However, they also grapple with challenges such as the work force skills gap and driving efficiencies that reduce costs. Balancing these goals while driving efficiency is essential for IT professionals to thrive in today’s fast-paced world.

Transform Information Technology processes

Capacity management

Change management

Service desk


Service operations

Microsoft Copilot opportunity to impact key functional area KPIs

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Average support ticket resolution time

Microsoft Copilot enhances customer support by integrating AI assistance into workflows. With AI-assistance through bots, documentation and enhanced collaboration, your support team can work together seamlessly, ensuring consistent and effective service delivery.

Customer satisfaction score (NPS)

Real-time AI assistance for faster issue resolution allows agents to focus on delivering high-quality service.

IT budget variance

Keep your budgets on track by improving employee and process efficiency.

IT outsourcing costs

Use the time savings gained from Copilot to bring activities in house and reduce reliance on external resources.

Product adoption rate

Create great onboarding experiences and collect and analyze feedback to improve user experiences

Service outage response

Copilot helps you work to get your services back up and running and maximizing user satisfaction.

Usage rate

Create great onboarding experiences and collect and analyze feedback to improve user experiences

Information Technology roles

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IT Director

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Product Manager

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Success Specialist

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Support Specialist