Using Copilot in Marketing

Everyone can start with the free version of Microsoft Copilot on the web or mobile to assist with everyday Marketing tasks.
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Use our guidance for Marketing to get inspired, empower your workforce, and realize value from your Copilot investment. Get started with Copilot for Microsoft 365, or go even further with Copilot Studio and other Copilot extensions to streamline business processes.

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Goals and challenges

It’s more important than ever to deliver creative, high-quality content that is authentic to your brand. At the same time, cross-functional campaigns are becoming more complex to manage across new surfaces.  Marketing teams must overcome the traditional communications gap between marketing and sales and marketing and product teams to develop a cohesive strategy for success.

Transform Marketing processes

Campaign execution

Content creation

Customer insights & strategy

Demand creation

Microsoft Copilot opportunity to impact key functional area KPIs

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Agency spend

Copilot can help marketing teams rapidly generate creative content in house reducing reliance on outside agencies.​

Brand value

Brand value isn’t just about logos; it’s about shaping perceptions and building lasting relationships with your audience. A strong brand fuels demand generation.

Cost per marketing lead generated

Reducing the cost of marketing campaigns is a key benefit from Microsoft Copilot. Cost Per Lead (CPL) can be reduced with better campaign management and is a crucial metric used to measure and monitor the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. It represents the amount of money a business spends to generate a single new lead.

Marketing leads generated

Lead generation is a critical aspect of marketing and paves the way toward gaining new customers.