Legal scenario: Legal strategy development​

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Using Copilot for legal strategy development

1. Case data aggregation

Use Microsoft Copilot to aggregate publicly available case information. Copilot Studio can be used to add information from your company’s cases, by connecting to your system of record.​

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Copilot Studio

Benefit: Collecting case data ensures a comprehensive foundation for analysis.

2. Similar case analytics

Prompt Copilot to analyze relevant cases to identify strategies that have been used previously, which could be applicable to the current situation.

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Benefit: Analyzing similar cases helps identify what strategies have been effective in the past.

3. Strategy formulation

Based on the analysis, have Copilot suggest legal strategies that align with the nuances of the current case or provide recommendations on case similarities to the current legal challenge.

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Benefit: Formulating strategies provides a starting point for legal argumentation and defense.

4. Preparation assistance

Ask Copilot in PowerPoint and Copilot in Word to assist in preparing case presentations and documentation, ensuring all materials are thorough and persuasive.

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Copilot in PowerPoint

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Copilot in Word

Benefit: Assisting in preparation ensures that all case materials are thorough and persuasive.

5. Outcome analysis

Use Copilot to summarize case decisions to add to your legal system of record.

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Benefit: Analyzing outcomes helps in refining strategies for future cases.

1Access Copilot at or the Microsoft Copilot mobile app and set toggle to “Web”.
2Access Copilot at, the Microsoft Copilot mobile app, or the Copilot app in Teams, and set toggle to “Work”.

The content in this example scenario is for demonstration purposes only. You should evaluate how Copilot aligns with your organization’s business processes, regulatory requirements, and responsible AI principles.