HR scenario: Resolving employee issues

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Using Copilot to resolving employee issues

1. Summarize the challenge

Aggregate a long and complex email thread of conversations to create a holistic and summarized view of the challenge (employee engagement, retention, diversity and inclusion, etc.).

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Copilot in Outlook

Select “Summarize” to understand key issues and proposed solutions from lengthy email threads related to the HR challenge.

2. Access resources

Ask Copilott to help identify relevant and timely resources to help solve for this common or complex challenge.​

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Copilot Studio

Use plugins built in Copilot Studio to rapidly identify relevant and timely data on how to approach common or complex employee scenarios.

3. Brainstorm ideas

Create a list of questions needed to help solve this challenge.

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Copilot in Loop

Prior to a scheduled meeting, have teammates build upon the Loop: brainstorm ideas to address the HR situation and challenge.

4. Conduct with teammates

Schedule a meeting to discuss the options.

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Copilot in Teams

Use Copilot during the meeting to “list main ideas we discussed” and then review the AI notes “Follow-up tasks” after the meeting to confirm or update the approach and documentation.

5. Update documentation

Update the approach, procedure and/or policy documentation as applicable.

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Copilot in Word

Leverage the meeting feedback to update the approach. Rewrite this section to update the “days to respond” from 5 business days to 3 business days.

6. Communicate to teammates

Communicate plan and actions to appropriate stakeholders and monitor engagement.

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Copilot in Outlook

Draft with Copilot: an email to stakeholders that provides detail and timelines regarding action plans to address the HR challenge.

1Access Copilot at or the Microsoft Copilot mobile app and set toggle to “Web”
2Access Copilot at, the Microsoft Copilot mobile app, or the Copilot app in Teams, and set toggle to “Work”