HR scenario: Improve onboarding and development processes (Copilot for Microsoft 365)

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Using Copilot to improve onboarding and development processes (Copilot for Microsoft 365)

1. Crowdsource onboarding resources

Gather input from team members about resources that have proven most valuable in onboarding. Summarize input based on top votes collected.

Microsoft Loop icon

Copilot in Loop

Draft an onboarding plan and checklist for a new human resources support advisor.

2. Identify network

Use Copilot to find individuals who can support your new hire’s work and offer complementary skills to help them connect more effectively and quickly​.

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Identify 10 company employees in the [department name] organization who would be knowledgeable experts to help new [job role] onboard quickly and efficiently.

3. Simplify policies

Summarize policies and understand how they’ve changed over time to build context for the new employee.

Word icon

Copilot in Word

“Summarize this doc” into 10 key topics and terms with descriptions and a summary of how the policy has changed over time. Translate into another language to facilitate understanding.

4. Summarize key discussion points

Ask Copilot to locate notes from different conversations, chats, and emails into a summary that highlights key themes, simplifying volumes of information .

Microsoft Copilot icon


“List the main ideas we discussed” to develop stronger understanding of content, terms, and topics. ​

5. Create onboarding plan

Create onboarding plan specific to service line that references most recent materials, summaries, and subject matter experts to accelerate new hire’s learning.

Word icon

Copilot in Word

I am a human resources support advisor. Create an onboarding plan for a new team member including timelines.

6. Build learning material

Ask Copilot in PowerPoint to generate learning paths according to individual roles, learning styles and career goals.​

PowerPoint icon

Copilot in PowerPoint

“Create a presentation from” [onboardingplan.docx] for new hires to the human resources support advisor team.​

1Access Copilot at or the Microsoft Copilot mobile app and set toggle to “Web”
2Access Copilot at, the Microsoft Copilot mobile app, or the Copilot app in Teams, and set toggle to “Work”