Using Copilot in Customer Service

Everyone can start with the free version of Microsoft Copilot on the web or mobile to assist with everyday customer service tasks.

Use our guidance for Customer Service to get inspired, empower your workforce, and realize value from your Copilot investment. Get started with Copilot for Microsoft 365, or go even further with Copilot Studio and other Copilot extensions to streamline business processes.

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Goals and challenges

Microsoft Copilot in Customer Service is your strategic partner to enable customer service teams. 43% of customer service reps report they were overwhelmed by the number of systems and tools needed to complete work. With Microsoft Copilot embedded directly into agents’ desktops, customer service teams can find answers fast and collaborate easily.

Transform Customer Service processes



Support response

Microsoft Copilot opportunity to impact key functional area KPIs

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Average resolution time

Microsoft Copilot can help with lowering resolution times which in turn leads to increased agent productivity and higher customer satisfaction rates.

Calls handled by agents

Organizations can use Copilot to develop self-service options for customers whether that is natural language search on a website or automated call systems. These solutions can reduce the number of calls that require a customer service agent.​

Customer satisfaction score (CSAT)

Microsoft Copilot can improve customer satisfaction by providing real-time AI assistance for faster issue resolution, generating personalized email responses, analyzing customer feedback, and allowing agents to focus on delivering high-quality service.

First call resolution (FCR)

In customer service, First Call Resolution (FCR) is a game changer because it improves customer satisfaction, enhances agent efficiency, and fosters long-term customer loyalty.

Service quality scores

AI is elevating service quality in the professional services industry by enabling smarter, more efficient, and customer-centric operations.

Customer Service roles

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Customer Service Account Manager

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Customer Service Manager

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Customer Service Representative

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Escalation Manager