Using Copilot in Marketing Communications

Use our guidance for Marketing Communications to get inspired, empower your workforce, and realize value from your Copilot investment. Get started with Copilot for Microsoft 365, or go even further with Copilot Studio and other Copilot extensions to streamline business processes.

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Goals and challenges

The goal of a communications professional is varied, encompassing PR, employee communications, crisis communications, social communications, executive communications, public affairs, analyst relations and more. The overall aim of these functions are to support the business goals to help inform and shape perception with a wide range of audiences, internal and external. At a time when the media landscape and audiences are more and more fragmented, the communications discipline will continue to play an important role to build trust and protect the reputation of the company. Copilot is a tool in the toolbox to accomplish this.

Transform Marketing Communications processes

Executive communications

Analyst relations

Public affairs

Microsoft Copilot opportunity to impact key functional area KPIs

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Connect to and expand audiences

Copilot can help tailor messaging that resonates with different types of media and influencers.

Create engaging content

Copilot can help create engaging, informative, and positive communications and experiences on social media ​to encourage dialogue with people and earn love for your brand.

Time to plan and execute

With its different capabilities, Copilot can streamline tasks, enable faster decision making and enhance cross team collaboration when multiple and global stakeholders are involved.

Marketing Communications roles

Analyst Relations icon

Analyst Relations

Employee & Executive Communications icon

Employee & Executive Communications

Owned Storytelling icon

Owned Storytelling

Public Affairs icon

Public Affairs

Public Relations icon

Public Relations