Business consultancy builds a collaboration environment with Microsoft Teams and Business Cloud Integration

Published on April 20, 2020


“The Triple Chasm Platform” is an online assessment tool being rolled out via SharePoint to hundreds of organizations in the UK by Triple Chasm Services Ltd. With Scale-Up academy programs aimed at helping to achieve government and global targets for business scale-ups to generate annual growth. Global roll out will shortly follow and the platform itself will be developed to train and support mentors worldwide.

Following a mentored program, then business can continue to subscribe to the platform and toolset to continually assess and demonstrate business change and growth.

Having developed the platform the next goal was to take the tools further and deliver a community environment. Business Cloud Integration converted the Triple Chasm Platform into a Microsoft Teams business application, which transformed it into a full collaboration portal.


Feedback from the initial platform development showed the users were looking for more collaboration features, the tooling is used by a team to score and evaluate the current state, to-be state and to analyze the gap of a business’s growth against multiple measurement vectors.

Working as a team was experienced at three levels:

  1. Working with the internal team of CFO, CTO, CEO level executives to agree vector scoring
  2. Working with the mentors on the program to get advice and assistance
  3. Working with other organizations in a similar sector or those on the same course as a cohort

The challenge was to deliver a community environment with chat, associated files, and access to the platforms assessment tool as a group for internal and external users. It needed to be as engaging for the business using the tool as it was collaborative for the external mentors supporting and advising them.


Business Cloud Integration turned the Triple Chasm Platform into a Microsoft Teams business application – while still leveraging the SharePoint data storage and features and Casper365™ Provisioning Service.

Microsoft Teams – Deploying each Assessment into a Microsoft Teams channel to allow the Cx level business stakeholders to collaborate fully alongside a Triple Chasm Platform assessment with conversation about individual scoring and companywide strategy. The Files tab allows the output reports to be saved locally to the assessment and ready for business use as PDF, PowerPoint, or Word Documents with full Microsoft Teams editing and collaboration features.

External mentors are now fully supported as advisors to access the Assessment as a read-only user and contribute to the surrounding conversations and files. This provides the opportunity for a more collaborative, supported mentor relationship and continual advisory service.

SharePoint Online – Leveraging the original projects output of more than 50 tools created and deployed using advanced, custom developed SPFx webparts with data stored in security trimmed SharePoint lists.

Casper365™ – Used for the provisioning of Triple Chasm Assessments by creating new Microsoft Teams and / or deploying into existing Microsoft Teams.


Following user feedback, the conversion of the Triple Chasm Platform to a Microsoft Teams business application has transformed useful tools into a full collaboration portal to meet all levels of collaboration requested.

Triple Chasm Services can easily deploy the tool into a training environment for new mentors and for educators to further develop the feature set and UX to keep the Platform up-to-date and relevant.

With ease of access, and relevant and easy to use conversation and guidance documents, the changes have proved a big hit with the end users.

Due to the collaboration with both mentors, internal teams and the cohort this has massively increased the value of the tool to help businesses identify, discuss, agree, and execute opportunities for growth.