Intelogy & Proventeq deliver maritime insurance migration of 7M documents for 33,000 members to SharePoint

Published on May 15, 2020


The Shipowners’ Club is a maritime mutual insurance association founded in 1855 with more than 33,000 members. It offers Protection and Indemnity (P&I), Legal Assistance and Defense cover and associated insurance to small and specialist vessel owners, operators and charterers around the world. This association has approximately 200 employees distributed across offices in London, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

The Shipowners’ Club had previously been storing key claims data in a Meridio Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. Following a digital transformation initiative, they had a requirement to move a significant number of documents away from this legacy system to facilitate collaboration and improve efficiency with the archiving of documents.

Intelogy analyzed and managed the transition from this legacy Meridio ECM system to SharePoint, with the migration carried out in partnership with Proventeq, using their Migration Accelerator product.


The Shipowners’ ECM system had more than 7 million documents, amounting to more than three terabytes of data, all to be migrated into a new SharePoint information architecture.

The existing Meridio system comprised a complex data structure, which had many levels of nested subfolders that did not facilitate collaboration, consistency, and findability. As the organization had recently initiated a digital transformation program, a system which allowed for easy collaboration, modern working and efficiency was urgently required to meet the needs of their international team and clients.


To extract the data from Meridio into SharePoint, Intelogy proposed a partnership with Proventeq, whose Migration Accelerator product is specifically designed to migrate content from ECM systems, such as Meridio, to SharePoint.

The initial phase of the project required the creation of a proof of concept, providing the client with visibility of the proposed information architecture and collaboration capabilities on SharePoint.

Intelogy was able to analyze the client data set and propose a suitable migration plan, complete with personalized term store and taxonomy.

As part of the provisioning process, SharePoint Patterns and Practices (PnP) and other PowerShell scripts were heavily used to deliver and configure the target SharePoint tenant.

The technologies used to deliver this migration included:

  1. SharePoint – used to store all the documents migrated from the legacy ECM system, organized more than 150 site collections.
  2. PowerShell scripts – used to provision and configure the target SharePoint architecture.
  3. SharePoint Patterns and Practices (PnP) – used to create templates and ensure fast and consistent deployment of SharePoint structures.
  4. Proventeq Migration Accelerator – used to migrate content from the legacy Meridio ECM system to SharePoint.


The new document and records management solution provides a global Search Centre, which when combined with Managed Metadata allows an enhanced user experience when searching the large data set. The new SharePoint environment allows secure external sharing and collaboration, meeting the organization’s requirement to operate in tandem with their members and brokers. The solution is integrated with Outlook, Dynamics CRM, and a range of internal custom solutions supporting Underwriting, Claims and Loss Prevention.

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