Racoon Rengøring & Ejendomsservice works with iGlobe CRM to gain full control of their customer, company, and reports data

Published on September 27, 2018


Racoon offers superior cleaning solutions and high-quality service. Ensuring happy and content customers requires delivering quality cleaning services with every visit. Racoon needed a business application that integrated into Office 365. iGlobe CRM Office 365 business application solution provided better collaboration in Microsoft 365, making it easier to do a great job with every visit.  Happy employees at Racoon can now focus more effort on the job and service delivered to the customer.


Quality cleaning requires more than a broom, dustpan and mop. There is information and history that needs to be captured and shared.  In a highly competitive cleaning market, delivering quality cleaning services and after-service is essential, and attention to details matters, particularly as it pertains to customer relations and collaborating with other workers. Racoon success was tied to delivering a great customer experience on every visit and that means managing those details.


Using Microsoft Office 365 as a cloud platform and business applications platform, Racoon wanted a solution to manage their customer relations, documentation, history, tasks and collaboration both internally and externally. Racoon required a solution that gives users an experience of working in a user-friendly workplace that can be accessed from different devices, both at the office and in the field, and is based on and seamlessly integrated with Office 365. In addition, Racoon wanted a solution that could be customized to their specific needs without being affected by standard updates from Microsoft or the solution provider. Racoon wanted to realize Microsoft’s promise, of always being on the latest version with no additional cost. Finally, because of GDPR they required data to be on their Office 365 and not at the solution provider.

The solution was to use Office 365 and iGlobe CRM Office 365. Using iGlobe CRM Office 365, Racoon was able to build integrated SharePoint Online sites for customers, manage tasks using a Plan from Planner that is connected to iGlobe CRM, utilize Teams for effective collaboration, and deliver insights with Power BI reporting for iGlobe CRM and Power BI as user-friendly and clickable dashboards. PowerApps provided mobile capabilities for iGlobe CRM. Office 365 Outlook Add-ins like, iGlobe CRM Add-in iPlanner Pro, and iGlobe Teams App Office2SharePoint, Racoon provided a digital workplace to enable deeper collaboration in a Team, and the entire organization. Whether they’re in administration, quality inspection or do the cleaning, Racoon employees now have one platform for communication, collaboration, reporting, documentation, customer information and a special Office 365 App for inspections.

It’s easier than you think. Employees catch on quickly with easy, familiar tools. You don’t have to worry about installing new software. It’s all deployed on Office 365 and available on all our devices. With the “One Click will do the trick” philosophy, iGlobe CRM is a well-designed app, that makes a user experience feel like it was made just for us.

Thomas Rodenberg (CEO, Racoon Rengøring & Ejendomsservice )


Through iGlobe CRM, Racoon now has one platform for delivering quality in every visit, and a means of managing the details.  This has simplified their business processes and helped them ensure that their cleaning services are top quality.