Naylor Love builds a safer workplace with the Nintex Platform and Office 365

Published on January 24, 2019


Naylor Love is a commercial construction company that provides construction services to a wide range of market sectors within New Zealand. As a well known construction organization in New Zealand, Naylor Love is driven by their commitment to health and safety including safety during construction and safety for those who will own, maintain and use the buildings after construction.

As its business grew, Naylor Love needs a better, faster way to manage workplace safety hazards. Workers can now access a Nintex form on their phones to report hazards. Nintex Workflow directs the information to the relevant managers for action. With this solution, Naylor Love has realized the following benefits:

  • Better risk mitigation, with more hazards reported faster and more accurately
  • Easy adoption thanks to simple, intuitive design
  • Extends the company’s existing investment in Microsoft Office 365


New Zealand’s Naylor Love Construction has a great safety record – and it wants to keep it that way. That’s become more challenging as the company has grown in size and complexity. More employees and more projects in more cities across the country create the potential for more accidents.

Naylor Love tracks job-site hazards to address them before they result in injury. But busy construction workers found it cumbersome to obtain the right form from a job office, take them to the hazard site, record the problem, then return to the office to file the form. Failure to do so could increase risks not only to coworkers but also to Naylor Love and its clients, especially given stringent safety regulations.


Naylor Love knew what it needed: an automated health and safety management solution that would work at remote job-sites; enable hazards to be reported thoroughly, accurately, and quickly; and automate workflows to get hazards addressed promptly. The solution also needed to integrate with the company’s Microsoft Office 365 deployment to take full advantage of the investment.

With the help of solution provider Provoke, Naylor Love adopted Nintex Workflow for Office 365, Nintex Forms for Office 365, and Nintex Mobile. Naylor Love used the Nintex Workflow Platform’s drag and drop design canvas and business logic to create a form and a simple workflow in a day, and a full prototype in a week. It deployed the final version a few weeks later, after receiving input from employees.

Workers from carpenters to site managers now can access the Nintex digital health and safety form on their phones, so they’re never without it. Drop-down fields show only relevant information, making it fast and easy to report a hazard. The solution also ensures consistent hazard reporting across all project sites. Incident reports are automatically directed to the appropriate manager or managers for action. Managers and executives have intuitive dashboards for real-time aggregated and trend data for analysis and decision-making, thanks to the integration with Office 365 and Power BI.

“Thanks to the Nintex Workflow Platform, we’re getting more information and more accurate information on hazards than ever,” says Lee Harris, Systems Administrator for Naylor Love. “We can spot trends faster with real-time information from across the country being logged and analyzed quicker than normal paper-based systems, so we can send our people home safely at the end of the day.”


Broad employee adoption is one reason for that success. “The adoption has been great,” says Harris, “Our people like that they can access this quickly wherever they are, create a hazard report with a few clicks, and get right back to work. We’re seeing more diverse reports because more workers at all levels of the company are submitting forms.”

Naylor Love also created Nintex forms and workflows for accident reporting, expense claims, payment approvals, fringe-benefit taxes, onsite inspections, quality control, tool tracking and management, and more.

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