London Stock Exchange Group supercharges investor analysis process from 20 hours to 90 minutes with SharePoint Syntex

Published on November 1, 2021


London Stock Exchange Group is one of the world’s largest providers of financial data and infrastructure. Working with over 40,000 customers and over 400,000 end users across 190 countries, LSEG provides information, insights, and technology to enable customers to execute critical investing, trading, and risk decisions with confidence. The organization’s vision is to enable businesses and economies around the world to fund innovation, manage risk, and create jobs.

As a financial service organization focused heavily on utilizing innovative technology to provide their customers the best service, LSEG joined a Microsoft preview program in early 2020 to preview and provide feedback on Microsoft’s latest investment in Content Services.

With SharePoint Syntex, one of two new Modern Content Services products previewed, London Stock Exchange Group found that they could significantly reduce time spent documenting key investor information.


One of the many tasks analysts at LSEG are responsible for is analyzing information captured in Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDS), and manually inputting key information in the organization’s systems. Information such as fund identifiers, charges, and dates are used in customer-facing services. It’s estimated each week, each analyst could spend an average of 15-20 hours to capture the information from 250 documents, logging this information in the necessary systems.


Seeing the inefficiencies this manual process caused, London Stock Exchange Group saw a prime opportunity to test out SharePoint Syntex as a potential solution.

To pilot Syntex, LSEG had 40 analysts use Syntex to ingest their KIIDs and capture the necessary information. They found that when using Syntex, they were able to reduce the time spent processing 250 documents per analyst, per week, down to 60-90 minutes.


With the initial pilot of Syntex, saving the organization nearly 1,240 days of work time per week, London Stock Exchange Group has begun testing other use cases, expanding on the entities that are extracted from documents, onboarding new teams, and creating new Syntex models to capture other information key to the organization.