Labor Management Compliance Council increases compliance tracking and investigation effectiveness with PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, and SharePoint

Published on July 25, 2019


The Labor Management Compliance Council (LMCC) is a non-profit organization formed for the purpose of maintaining high standards and a level playing field for construction projects subject to prevailing wage laws in the plumbing and piping industry in southern California. To achieve this purpose, the LMCC carries out an active program to assure that laws governing the public works construction labor laws, public contract laws, and contractor license laws are enforced by the public agencies charged with their enforcement.

SkyLite Systems worked with LMCC to replace a rigid, complex, and expensive proprietary system used to track labor compliance violations with a simple solution built using PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, and SharePoint. LMCC was able to leverage their investment in Office 365 and did not need to purchase any additional hardware or software greatly reducing costs and complexity – with an ROI of only 9 weeks.


At any given point in time, LMCC monitors hundreds of public work projects subject to the payment of prevailing wage. LMCC needed a comprehensive way to keep track – in one screen – of all these projects as well as their monitoring status.

LMCC needed a searchable repository of Labor Violation Cases including violation details, contacts, notes, and images that could be easily modified and used in the field by investigators in the future. The original system that LMCC had been using was rigid, proprietary, and required extra expense with any change or enhancement.


Because LMCC team members use Office 365 and SharePoint extensively, they decided to attend a PowerApps and Flow App-in-a-Day workshop led by SkyLite Systems in Irvine California to see how PowerApps and Flow could be leveraged with Office 365. By the end of the workshop,  LMCC knew the combination of PowerApps, Flow, SharePoint in Office 365, and SkyLite Systems could deliver the solution they were looking for.

SkyLite Systems worked closely with the staff at LMCC to build an integrated PowerApp Form in a SharePoint list that could leverage all of the power of SharePoint and deliver all of the new capabilities of PowerApps and Flow.  The new app uses PowerApps for data entry, SharePoint for data management, and flow to integrate documents into the case.

SkyLite Systems provided us with a great system that allowed us to accomplish 100% of our goal. Now, we can find not only specific project information linked to a current monitoring update, but also be able to collect, filter and share valuable additional monitoring information (like previous civil wage penalties assessed to contractors, pictures, contract documents, case referrals, etc..), in one place.

Andres Posada (Director, LMCC)


The Combination of PowerApps, Flow, and SharePoint Online in Office 365 was a perfect fit for LMCC and the new solution was up and running in less than 3 weeks from the start of the project.  Since LMCC was already familiar with Office 365 and SharePoint, no training was needed and LMCC staff were engaged and active in design and deployment.  No training was required and any enhancements and fine tuning were completed in hours as the system took shape and became a reality.

LMCC is now fully operational with the new solution and expects to save $21,600 per year and the ROI on the project was only 9 Weeks.

In the future, SkyLite Systems and LMCC plan to include image capture and note-taking in the field and automating other operational processes using SharePoint, PowerApps, Microsoft Flow and Office 365.