Oil and gas firm, Jee, adopts Microsoft 365 with the help of Intelogy to better manage HR processes

Published on May 19, 2020


Independent pipeline engineering consultancy, JEE provides subsea engineering and training to the oil and gas industry. Looking for a way to automate their Employee Benefits program, Jee turned to Intelogy, their trusted Microsoft partner for a project that could be rapidly implemented and managed internally after implementation.


Jee’s existing processes for managing employee benefits was highly manual, involving printing forms, handwriting key information and routing documentation in both paper and email form, through various departments for review and approval. The manual nature of these processes placed a significant burden on the Finance and HR teams, often at the cost of other priorities.
In the initial consulting engagement, Intelogy ascertained how the existing processes at Jee worked and determined that the new system needed to include the following elements:

  • to be simple
  • to automate the email and notification exchange
  • to have strict control around data security
  • be easily accessible by each individual employee.

Specifically, the focus for the ticketing system was the need to capture information in a concise manner while remaining simple and quick for employees to raise a ticket. Additionally, Jee wanted confidence that the Benefits Change Request Form could be automated without affecting the privacy and sensitivity of the data.


The Microsoft Power Platform, in conjunction with Microsoft 365, was deemed as the ideal solution to meet the defined requirements. The solution leverages the ease and speed of business application development where Intelogy could use their expertise in Microsoft 365 to fully integrate the applications into Jee’s SharePoint intranet, creating a seamless experience for users.

Intelogy focused on using the following components that to enable an automated, modern solution:

Power Apps was used to create two applications, one for the change request form and one for raising a ticket. Both applications exist in isolation and serve different purposes but with the intent for both to save employees time and provide a fantastic, intuitive user experience. The data security challenges are managed by creating bespoke security groups and assigning item-level permissions on each change request.

Power Automate provided the means to create notifications and send emails to the respective parties whenever a ticket is raised or a change request is submitted. Furthermore, monthly reminders for any outstanding tickets ensure that no ticket or change request is ever forgotten.

SharePoint provides all the data storage and security configuration that underpins the solution.

We have been delighted by the speed at which we were able to implement a process automation solution using Power Apps and Power Automate; so much so that we’re actively looking at opportunities to modernize other business processes across our company.

Jonathan McGregor (Managing Director, Jee)


Today, Jee is enjoying the benefits of automating their processes in the modernized workplace that SharePoint provides them. With a portal that is accessible from any location on any device, employees can raise tickets and change requests on-the-move, further increasing efficiency. The automation of these key business processes, using powerful business applications featuring Power Apps to manage and organize simple tasks and change requests was a huge win for Jee.