HR and health & safety advisors reduce redundancies with the power of the cloud, Office 365, and Creospark

Published on April 14, 2020


With the expected significant growth that an HR and Health & Safety advisory organization anticipated when opening its Canadian office, they decided to adopt an all cloud toolset to be agile and up-to-date with the most current technologies. Choosing Office 365, SharePoint, and Azure as their primary productivity technologies allowed them to create a technology framework with built-in rapid growth mechanisms. A key requirement for the organization was to ensure strong collaboration of all its employees centered around a fantastic Corporate Intranet Portal that they could have up and running quickly and cost-effectively.


As collaboration was top of mind for the customer, they wanted to build a user-friendly, collaborative intranet environment that was cost-effective, quick to deploy, and leveraged the latest SharePoint modern technologies. They also wanted to migrate content and documents from other geographic regional offices which were premised on legacy technologies, as well as have the flexibility of constantly taking advantage of the native Office 365 and SharePoint features that Microsoft releases in the Microsoft 365 cloud.


The customer chose Creospark to be its Office 365 technology partner and Creospark advised them to select a digital workplace product built on top of SharePoint developed by a strong Microsoft Partner. Upon an alternatives analysis study with other digital workplace solutions, Creospark showed the customer how the benefits of using this specific solution outweighed other options. The customer chose this solution, because the analysis showed it would be the quickest, easiest, and most flexible to deploy, has an attractive UI, keeps up-to-date with Microsoft’s updates, and is extremely affordable. All those reasons made this solution the right choice for the customer.

Creospark recommended deployment of SharePoint Online Modern Base Intranet & Teamwork collaboration modules which fit the customer’s needs and requirements. The partner then designed the solution to ensure a great employee experience. Creospark and the customer deployed the intranet quickly, cost-effectively, and with all the features that the customer was looking for including the use of modern SharePoint communication sites, team sites, lists, and libraries.

After deployment, Creospark provided training and support to the customer’s employees to help drive adoption of the new technology.

Creospark introduced us to a modern SharePoint Online digital workplace intranet solution and were passionate from the outset that the solution was ideal for our use case. They ran the implementation with calm ease and provided tremendous levels of additional value through their extensive SharePoint and Office365 expertise. We are fortunate to have worked with Creospark on this project and are excited to work with them on future projects.

(Senior Vice President IT & Finance, )


Overall, the customer is very happy with the solution and that Creospark has gone above and beyond with its constant support in implementation, development, and training.