Government archive moves to Office 365 with help from RecordPoint

Published on August 1, 2019


This government archive organization is an official archive and publisher for their government. They hold official records and are custodians of nationally significant documents. Their role is to collect and secure the future of the government record, both digital and physical, to preserve it for generations to come, and to make it as accessible and available as possible to the public.

There was a preference within the organization to use existing Microsoft enterprise agreement licensing and convert to Office 365 licenses. The organization also decided they would like to utilize RecordPoint Records365 to extends the capabilities of Office 365 to meet their advanced records management requirements.


Across the public sector, organizations are looking to improve how they collaborate in teams and across the enterprise. They are also questioning the value of existing EDRM implementations, and are exploring new ways to improve control, productivity, and cost savings.

Four main requirements were identified for the solution:

  • Compliant migration from Objective to SharePoint
  • Compliance with Records Management Legislation
  • Cloud-based deployment in line with Government Digital Service (GDS) best practice and the organization’s IT Strategy
  • Improved end-user experience, ensuring user adoption and productivity efficiency

Modernization was an essential consideration for the government archive organization.

It was also important to do this at a price point that did not go over the 3-year maintenance cost of their legacy EDRMS solution.

“RecordPoint was the only provider that met all of our criteria. It is great to work with a vendor that can deliver a compliant lift and shift migration, and after that save us 60% annually for a modern EDRMS solution” -Project Sponsor


Compliant migration from Objective to SharePoint

The first stage of delivery involved migration from Objective to SharePoint Online through the RecordPoint delivered Compliant Migration as a Service (CMaaS). Because the government archive organization has done great work in maintaining their existing file plan, the migration to SharePoint will make use of the existing work done in their Objective environment. As an added value, as the organization matures with their use of Office 365, Records365 will be able to centrally manage additional workloads such as Microsoft Teams, Groups, Exchange, and more.

SharePoint provides the organization with the ability to create structured sites in which to capture, manage, and surface corporate information. Records365 then manages the content without being intrusive to the end user and applying records control in the background.

Compliance with Records Management Legislation

Records365 is the government archive organization’s perfect solution for its desire to be rigorously compliant with records management legislation. Designed to be compliant with European Standards, ISO15489, ISO16175, and more, Records365 offers the ideal platform for public sector organizations to address their modernization and legacy sunset challenges on a single platform. Deploying Records365 enables the organization to be compliant and cost-effective.

Cloud-based deployment in line with GDS best practices and the organization’s IT strategy

Records365’s rules engine and automation features are critical to the government archive organization’s IT and compliance strategies. This rules engine understands the context of the record from the source and then matches the data with compliance policies to automate records classification.

Fine-grained records management controls are surfaced via a set of visual records management dashboards and advanced search capabilities ensure compliance with the desired records management policies and business outcomes.

Improved end-user experience, ensuring user adoption and productivity savings

The Records365 modern user interface makes it easy for the organization staff to use and adopt. Records365 extends SharePoint native capabilities, with features that seamlessly control and automate the records management lifecycle.

This automation process makes it easier for end users to be more efficient, empowering the government archive organization’s staff to be more collaborative and productive while ensuring the accuracy and integrity of their data.

We are excited to be heading on this journey of digital transformation and modernization enabled by Office 365 and Records365.

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Projected savings of up to 60% annually for a modern EDRMS solution.

  • The best compliant migration solution to SharePoint
  • Easy-to-use product that improves productivity and empowers end users to use and adopt
  • Dynamic rules engine that understands records context makes content compliant and automates records classification

RecordPoint is proud to supply a solution for the government archive organization that will allow them to move to a Modern Workplace, replace existing legacy systems, and unlock the capability of the cloud. With RecordPoint’s easy, modern, and trusted approach to information and records management, RecordPoint’s Cloud hosted offering, and compliant migration service will expedite the organization’s journey to the cloud.