Ergotel delivers personalized customer service with integrated CRM solution using iGlobe CRM, Microsoft 365 and Power BI

Published on May 22, 2020


Ergotel A/S is a distributor of headsets and conference solutions for office, mobile and PCs in Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands. Distributing through their nationwide network of resellers, Ergotel collaborates with resellers to provide expert advice at all stages of purchase, from needs analysis to delivery and subsequent support.

To better support the rapidly growing demand for quality headsets, Ergotel needed a CRM business application on Microsoft 365 that would help them provide more personalized and efficient service. Ergotel turned to iGlobe who implemented iGlobe CRM, MIPA, Microsoft 365, and Power BI to help Ergotel organize and personalize their distribution – helping them increase customer loyalty and improve business.


In looking for the right CRM solution, Ergotel needed a solution that would help them map their end users to the correct reseller. They needed to be able to easily match the reseller’s knowledge and expertise with the specific needs of the customer. This need made it important to have a strong structure and integrative system to give employees a clear overview of current and potential relations as well as the ability to quickly follow up on interactions between resellers and end users.


Ergotel needed a system that would be easy to navigate in, allowing employees to quickly add and update information with as few clicks as possible.
Furthermore, they needed to personalize relationships with resellers, as these are crucial for the daily business at Ergotel. In the search for efficient CRM, Ergotel found iGlobe CRM to fulfill these needs. With iGlobe’s “one click will do the trick” philosophy, the CRM enabled Ergotel’s employees to save time and collect important information with just few clicks. iGlobe CRM allowed employees to easily manage relations by using only one platform as well as having the CRM available in Teams and Outlook.

iGlobe CRM: With iGlobe CRM, Ergotel can easily get a holistic customer overview of activities and relationships all within one interface. iGlobe CRM integrates Outlook, Teams, Planner and other O365 applications, making collaboration seamless.

MIPA: MIPA is a personal assistant app that works within Microsoft Teams and notifies employees of their scheduled tasks, flagged mails, due dates, and other pressing needs from within the same interface.

Power BI: Using Power BI, Ergotel is able to get an overview of their meetings and Pipeline trough their distribution channel, delivering a modern solution that enables an overview of the company’s most important KPIs.

By using iGlobe CRM, we have a clear and manageable overview of all relations and interactions, which ultimately enables us to help our dealers’ businesses grow. It is a joint business partnership - if they do well, we do well.

Charlotte Skou (, Ergotel)


iGlobe CRM has enabled Ergotel’s employees to truly personalize interactions with both resellers and end users. In the daily business, Ergotel now benefits from the integration of even more of iGlobe’s business applications such as MIPA – My Intelligent Personal Assistant for Teams and Outlook as well as the efficiency of Power BI. As a result, Ergotel has been able to help resellers’ businesses grow, which has ultimately increased the loyalty of the resellers as well as improved the overall business results of Ergotel.

Being Together While Staying Apart  – social distancing during global pandemic.  

The seamless integration of iGlobe’s Microsoft 365 business applications improved the work process at Ergotel during the COVID-19 crisis, during which the company experienced a major boost in the demand for quality headsets, as a massive increase of Danish workers began working from home, using Microsoft Teams. By using an efficient CRM system in a very busy period, Ergotel was still able to deliver personal and profitable customer service despite the circumstances of the crisis. This ultimately helped numerous businesses using Microsoft Teams to communicate and collaborate effectively at a distance.