Qdabra builds infraction report system for Ennis Electric, an award-winning electrical contractor

Published on September 27, 2018


Ennis Electric is an award-winning electrical contractor specializing in electrical construction services for clients in the public and private sector.  It is critical for electrical contractors to establish guidelines for employees, and to have a means of tracking any infractions that may occur.


Ennis Electric required an application system to allow supervisors to electronically submit and review infraction reports from employees.


Working with PowerApps, Qdabra created a unique infraction reporting business application for Ennis Electric. From the initial screen, users can choose to create a new report, view all the reports, view reports for a specific employee, or view reports they have been created based on status. The application stores data in a SharePoint list and uses other SharePoint lists and SQL data sources to provide supplementary data. After viewing the selected reports, a Flow is executed which sends the user a print view.


The application created with PowerApps and Flow allows Ennis Electric to easily generate and display infraction reports. This new app also stores data such as names, ID numbers, image files, site URLs, and list names that can also be used in other applications.