IW Mentor builds custom application to help Delta Pipeline monitor tool inventory

Published on September 27, 2018


Delta Pipeline is a well-respected and recognized leader in the underground pipeline construction industry. With over 100 years of experience, the organization specializes in the installation of storm drain, sewer, water and fire lines. This requires a complex range of tools, necessary for managing a wide range of projects from construction and redevelopment of schools to medical buildings and industrial spaces. IW Mentor created an inventory solution that ensured the right tools were available, and that old tools were being maintained and retired properly.


With an abundance of utility trucks used for construction and maintenance of pipelines, all carrying a wide range of tools – Delta Pipeline needed to efficiently monitor the inventory of their tools. The organization needed to keep track and monitor what tools existed in inventory, which ones were in use, and which tools should be retired.


IW Mentor created a custom application using Microsoft PowerApps and Flow for Delta Pipeline that allows users and administrators to understand what tools are in inventory, and to manage how these inventories are viewed, ordered, retired, and audited. The ordering process displays the suggested tool quantities and allows exceptions to be submitted if ordering over the suggested amount.  Upon order submission, an approver is notified and can approve the order in the app. The items are also recorded when received. The audit feature allows managers to quickly reconcile recorded and actual inventories. When discrepancies are found, an exception process captures relevant information, and missing tools can be ordered to ensure the workers in the field have the tools they need to do the work properly. Audit items are also retained.  And through statistical analysis guidance and insights can help identify challenges and improve the inventory process and the application for managing it.


With an efficient tool monitoring application, Delta Pipeline now has a clear picture of their tool inventory and can more easily ensure that workers have the tools they need, that trucks are appropriately outfitted before going out into the field, and that tools are retired or replaced for optimum quality, and the correct tooling.