Dalcour Maclaren works with Triad Group to implement a management system built on SharePoint and Office 365

Published on January 24, 2019


Dalcour Maclaren is a private sector commercial surveying company that works exclusively for the utility and infrastructure sector. It is a mid-sized organization that is geographically distributed across the UK and it primarily supports the delivery of property management, land access, and associated professional services to the UK’s national utility companies.


Prior to engaging with Triad, Dalcour Maclaren provided its services to utility companies using a bespoke scheme management system. This system had limitations which did not align with the company’s digital aspirations. Issues with this process included: misalignment with their long-term IT strategy, lack of automation resulting in the need for manual intervention, limited support for their clients’ access to data and reports, and lack of flexibility and extensibility to support future requirements.

Looking for a modern solution that aligned to their long-term IT strategy, and enabled the automation of their management system, Dalcour Maclaren turned to Triad.


With a combined team of Triad and Dalcour Maclaren staff, Triad led and delivered a replacement system for Dalcour Maclaren. To ensure a smooth and seamless transition to the new system, Triad worked closely with the Dalcour Maclaren’s infrastructure provider.

Triad built a modern, Microsoft Office 365-based solution with a browser-based UI and high-tuned UX. Through a bespoke .Net service-based application, Triad was able to deliver complex business functionality. Business and mapping data was held in a SQL Server database with documents held in Microsoft SharePoint.

Because Dalcour Maclaren was also keen to start using Microsoft Flow, Triad worked with Dalcour Maclaren’s staff to mentor and upskill them in the use of the tool.

Triad implemented the following flows to enable a more seamless process for Dalcour Maclaren:

  • A flow to help manage Geomatics requests, sending a notification email if Dalcour Maclaren needs to purchase OS background mapping in advance of the request being started
  • A flow to help manage land referencing and mobile mapping requests, including sending status updates and results
  • A flow to help remind surveyors of an upcoming site visit they need to attend, sending an email 24 hours prior to the date of the site visit


The service went live successfully and Dalcour Maclaren views it as being a very successful IT project, achieving very positive user feedback. The system is currently in its post-go-live continuous improvement phase, delivered by a joint team of Triad and Dalcour Maclaren staff.

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