Productivity Score​

Transform how work gets done with Microsoft Productivity Score. It provides you visibility into how your organization works, insights that identify where you can enable improved experiences so people can reach their goals and actions to update skills and systems so everyone can do their best work. ​

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Productivity Score Areas​​

Employee Experience

The employee experience shows how Microsoft 365 is helping to create a productive and engaged workforce by quantifying how people collaborate on content, work from anywhere and communication.​

Technology Experience​

The technology experience helps you ensure the technology isn’t getting in the way of productivity by helping you optimize your device experiences and your network connectivity to ensure your apps work well.​

Special Reports

Special reports are timely insights that help you measure impact and navigate changes in the workplace that are temporary in nature.​

Employee Experience​

The employee experience currently focuses on three categories to help you create a productive and engaged workforce​.

  • Communication – Understand how your organization finds and shares information through the use email, chat and community posts to create a more unified organization and build morale, regardless of location.​
  • Content Collaboration – Learn how many people create, read and collaborate on content in the cloud and it can help them save time every week.​
  • Mobility – Get insights into how many people can access files and use Outlook and Teams across all platforms so that regardless of where they are, they can be productive and help you reach your business goals.​

To see how your organization’s employee experience, you need a commercial Microsoft 365 or Office 365 subscription and you need to be in the multi-tenant cloud service.

Technology Experience

The technology experience currently focuses on two categories to help you ensure the technology isn’t getting in the way of productivity.

  • Endpoint Analytics – Understand how productivity can be impacted by performance and health issues with your endpoint hardware and software, while providing recommended actions to remediate them.​
  • Network Connectivity – Get visibility into factors affecting your network, paired with suggestions to address problem areas. This enables you to more easily identify and remedy network issues.

To get Endpoint Analytics insights, you will need to meet the pre-requisites here here. For Network Connectivity insights to be enabled, you must meet the pre-requisites here.

Special Reports

The special reports provide timely insights that help you measure impact and navigate changes in the workplace that are temporary in nature.

  • Business Continuity – Due to the global shift to working remotely, your organization’s collaboration norms have changed. Learn by how much and what the new “business as usual” is.​

To get the business continuity report, you need to meet the pre-requisites here.​