Hey, let us be your tour guide to digital success! WorkplaceBuddy helps employees personally to become digitally skilled with a proactive chatbot and e-learning... with lots of fun!

Working with digital tools should not feel like a struggle, let us help you! From someone who has never seen Microsoft 365 to advanced users, we offer a personal, relevant learning journey! With our fun content you can motivate and inspire your colleagues to become more digitally skilled! This content is proactively delivered to your colleagues with our chatbot. Create your own content (be it chatbot conversations, badges and/or e-learnings) in our software and easily monitor results.

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  • Business needs/problem

    WorkplaceBuddy is there for all organizations who want their colleagues to get the most out of their digital tools. Organizations who are struggling with too many service / support tickets, who lost confidence in getting return on investment on their digital tools, who are uncertain if their colleagues will be motivated to work with digital tools, who want to change ways of working, who want to easily reach out to all colleagues and create a positive engagement - WorkplaceBuddy will help you.
  • Business solution

    With our Teams app colleagues can chat (and be reached out to), find learnings and keep track of their learning journey. After taking the interview with the chatbot, we build a personal and relevant learning journey - sending you e-learnings through the chatbot and relevant tips. You can earn badges and track your progress. As an admin you can view dashboards for your organization, see where skills are lacking and what software needs to be explained better to colleagues. You can also extend the chatbot and learning content with your own relevant content, such as onboarding paths and specific software training
  • Business value

    When using WorkplaceBuddy you get:
    • Insights in the digital skills of your colleagues
    • A digitally resilient organization
    • More value out of digital tools, hence getting more return on investment
    • More productive colleagues
    • Savings on support costs
    • Savings on (offline) training and consultancy
  • Success factors

    WorkplaceBuddy is proven to be especially successful with these types of organizations:
    • Working with digital positive stakeholders
    • At least 500 employees
    • Typically having a desk worker focus