Contextual Microlearning for Microsoft 365

Plug and play context sensitive microlearning available to your users in-context within Microsoft 365 apps.

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  • Business needs/problem

    Microsoft Office 365 apps like SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, Planner and more are constantly changing and evolving. The challenge is how do you help your users with consistent training and guidance while they are using these applications? You might already have a learning management system or a knowledge hub in place but those are not contextual and not available for quick learning and help the users need to be able to do their tasks.

    On top of that, your business processes are constantly changing and you want to be able to provide prescriptive guidance, governance and policies to your users at their moment-of-need so they don’t have to go looking for help when they need it.
  • Business solution

    VisualSP’s contextual microlearning platform provides an overlay on top of each Microsoft Office 365 application to make it easy for users to get their answers wherever they are.

    The VisualSP help tab follows the users around wherever they go within their web browser. The users can always count on clicking the VisualSP tab to find the answers to their questions and learn what they need to be able to quickly and efficiently accomplish their tasks.

    The VisualSP solution comes with over a thousand completely customizable pre-built help and learning modules that are always kept updated as the underlying applications evolve.

    VisualSP can be extended to your other internal custom and SaaS web applications as well. This provides the users a consistent help and support experience enabling them to have your policies, guidance and learning always available contextually within their own environment.
  • Business value

    VisualSP un-frustrates the users by capitalizing on the proven concept of contextual microlearning.

    VisualSP is currently available to more than 2 million users around the world. VisualSP’s customers report a 27% reduction in support tickets and higher level of user satisfaction because they always have the answers and learning they need available at their fingertips. This has become more necessary than ever for remote workers.

    VisualSP increases user adoption and user engagement with Microsoft 365 applications as well as any of your other custom web applications being used by your end users.
  • Success factors

    The plug n play nature of the solution facilitates the rapid deployment and impact on user engagement starting on day 1.

    VisualSP is a complete solution that incorporates product with complementary user adoption services. Ongoing performance reviews are conducted with clients to assess the job VisualSP is doing towards their user engagement and user adoption goals. The continuous feedback and engagement with our customers has shown to produce significant positive impact by realizing their return on investment of their digital applications.
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