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  • Business needs/problem

    In today’s workplace experiences, there is a disconnect from their employees' Teams engagement, and the significant investment organizations have made to their Intranet knowledge, plus other digital workplace solutions. The same is true for other areas of investment, such as Teamwork lifecycle management and governance. With more employee time spent in Teams, the drain of context-switching - to move to a web browser, to navigate the organization knowledge embedded in corporate knowledge centres - is a drain on employee productivity.

    In Microsoft Teams, employees' presence is context aware. With collaboration coalescing around a Team, the opportunity exists to design the experience that suits the needs the employee, and the teams they collaborate in.
  • Business solution

    Valo Connect enables customers to bring their digital workplace to the Microsoft Teams platform.

    Key features of Valo Connect:
    • Delivered as a Teams personal app, Valo Connect brings SharePoint Online content direct in to Teams
    • As a Teams channel tab, Valo Connect offers a configurable experience targeting SharePoint Online content, with rich, context-aware, capability; content is aware of the Team and the Channel to which its targeted
    • Content-rich data sources are surfaced to both the personal, and channel experience
    • With Valo Connect. ready-made, pre-authenticated, access to many data sources is available via a rich tool set - data sources that include Microsoft Graph, news, events, any SharePoint source, plus third-party APIs
    • Partners and customers can extend on top of Valo's rich product set; for example, configuring unique data sources via Microsoft 365 connector ecosystem, or building their own code-based extensions to our product
    Combined with our other products, Valo Connect enables Teamwork lifecycle and governance features, including the request and approval of group and site provisioning, easy navigation to the modern workplace teams and groups users have joined.

    With Valo Connect, each experience is tailored to the organizations' needs. The personal app name, and icon, can be branded to match existing Intranet or modern workplace designs. An easy-to-configure tab navigation offers flexibility for administrators and team owners, to design experiences that suit the Team's use case.
  • Business value

    Key areas of success with Valo Connect are:
    • Time saved by employees navigating their digital workplace
    • Closer engagement with the customers' existing investments to digital workplace solutions
    • Shorter implementation time to deliver rich, intelligent, digital workplace experiences
    Context-switching from one environment to another is time-consuming, and the benefit of surfacing digital workplace solutions to Microsoft Teams with Valo Connect is realized every single day.
  • Success factors

    By adopting Valo Connect on Microsoft Teams, an organization's existing communication paths are surfaced to the Teams experience. Customers build an effective communication strategy, with centralized management for org-wide news and content, plus channel-specific content, with targeting that's configurable per team. SharePoint Online is the collaboration platform for this content, and Valo Connect brings the content to Teams.

    Partners are a key ingredient to the success of our products, and not only does Valo Connect offer a compelling experience right out of the box, it also enables partners to build rich workplace solutions designed to meet their specific needs. Once deployed, partners build-out Teams-native experiences, with no code necessary. Working with SharePoint Online authoring capabilities, and a rich set of Valo tools and web parts, the experiences our partners build seamlessly integrate in to the Microsoft Teams interface.

    Both Valo, and our partners, strive to meet our ultimate goal: for our customers to fall in ♥ with their digital workplace
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