Live Events: Production and Broadcast

Custom production and broadcast services for Microsoft Live Events.

The perfect solution for organizations that need to communicate with a large audience and present dynamic engaging content but lack the time and resources to develop and broadcast content in-house.

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  • Business needs/problem

    Organizations are struggling to communicate effectively both with their own workforce and with external partners and industry due to remote working and time/technology constraints. They need an easy way to get their message out whether through Town Halls, Webinars, or as a live remote conference.
  • Business solution

    We provide a customizable solution that meets the needs of organizations looking to stream content to a large audience. Our team of experts are experienced in all formats and work with each customer to develop the perfect solution.
  • Business value

    Our customers have been able to quickly leverage the Microsoft Teams platform to reach their audience by working with us to develop their ideal event. Each custom event can be 1 hour or multiple days of content and with our service a successful event and audience engagement are the ultimate values to our customers.
  • Success factors

    We are only successful when our customers are successful. We help them achieve amazing results by working closely with them through each step of the process from planning and design, layout and flow, to rehearsal and event production.
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