Raising the Technical Literacy of the Organization

Whether it is training for a brand-new Microsoft 365 launch, supporting your SharePoint Champions or advancing the finance department’s Excel skills, Learning Pathways supports creating self-service learning opportunities through curated playlists.

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  • Business needs/problem

    Microsoft 365 is a large platform with many distinct products and supported scenarios that are continuously updated. Keeping abreast of the latest changes is an enormous challenge. Bigger yet is the challenge of keeping your end users up to date with training which can be time consuming and expensive.
  • Business solution

    We can create a baseline for your organization by helping identify all your learning objectives in a persona-based approach. Once this is accomplished, we will:
    • Create a roadmap to support learners and their unique needs
    • Define intuitive information architecture to support each persona and their top tasks
    • Align scenarios and playlists with identified organizational learning objectives
    • Surface training in-context for each persona
  • Success factors

    By limiting the friction to accomplish tasks and remain productive, employees benefit from:
    • Less time to locate information
    • Relevant solution documentation (for their persona) at their fingertips
    • Ease of keeping training content up-to-date gives subject matter experts more time for individual attention