Centralized Location for all Training Content

An organization can create their own custom training or add training for other technologies outside Microsoft 365. Adding custom training to Learning Pathways creates a one-stop-shop for all training content across the organization.

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  • Business needs/problem

    Productivity and collaboration are the heartbeat of any successful organization. To ensure your users are productive, they must be trained on the tools provided to them and any subsequent updates to those tools. This is where it gets challenging.

    Company intranets have become an excellent medium for providing internal training for your users. However, decentralized, out-of-date and poorly indexed training content causes friction and frustration with end-users simply trying to get help on the tools they need to do their job.
  • Business solution

    A centralized and intuitive training portal that supports surfacing the training content in context enables end users’ ability to access the right information at the right time. To identify what content will surface in the training portal, Sympraxis will:
    • Perform discovery across intranet and external sources for all current training materials
    • Identify subject matter experts and develop site architecture to support direct access to content
    • Develop personas for different learners across the organization
    • Define intuitive information architecture to support each persona and their top tasks
    • Align scenarios and playlists with organizational learning objectives
    • Collaborate with core learning team to customize Learning Pathways homepage
  • Success factors

    Learning Pathways comes with all Microsoft 365 documentation categorized into technologies and playlists which is an excellent start for most organizations. Even better, this takes the burden off the Information Technology, learning, or training departments to either create or gather this content. Adding organization-specific training to this portal to create a one-stop shop of all training information supports productivity at the organization by:
    • Reducing time to information
    • Creating linear training paths across cross-functional training content
    • Delivering training to employees in context
    • Enabling subject matter experts to maintain training content independently