Storyals Pro

A cutting-edge learning solution to drive transformation and build digital skills.

Storyals Pro is a modern learning solution designed to accelerate digital transformation. Integrated into Microsoft Teams, it combines Storyals’ unique story-based learning concept with the award-winning learning management system LMS365 to manage the Storyals learning content. With Storyals Pro you are equipped with effective adoption tools to actively drive and monitor user progress.

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  • Business needs/problem

    Users today are overwhelmed with the many modern tools that Microsoft 365 provides. It’s difficult for organizations to provide their employees with the necessary learning required for users to use these tools in an effective manner. Classroom based training, carried out a couple of times a year, is no longer sufficient to keep users trained with the constant changes and updates of today's modern tools.

    Many users are stuck in traditional ways of working and don’t always welcome change. They need to be made aware of the benefits and understand why they should change their behavior, in addition to how to use the tools to do it.

    In addition to providing users with the necessary coaching and guidance, change management leaders need tools to assign, track and follow up on end user learning.
  • Business solution

    Storyals Pro is designed for departments and organizations looking for a rich Microsoft 365 adoption solution to drive transformation and build digital skills. The solution provides employees with Storyals unique story-based learning content, to inspire, motivate and educate them to work smarter with Microsoft 365.

    Storyals Pro also provides your organization with LMS365 (limited to manage only Storyals learning content) which enable change management leaders to assign and monitor end user progress.

    Story-based learning content
    With Storyals Pro, users are provided with a learning site with self-paced, high-quality training videos and story-based tutorials. The on-demand videos from Storyals focus on “what you need to know” to work effectively using modern digital tools. Users have access to a selected number of learning topics, each covering various apps and features. All learning topics highlight digital workplace best practices and feature real-world scenarios and are continuously updated and maintained by Storyals. To further strengthen understanding, each topic includes a quiz with situational-based questions. The solution also includes “how-to” videos from Microsoft via Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways.

    With Storyals Pro you get:

    Learning content:
    • A great looking SharePoint site
    • Access to all Storyals topics
    • Continuous video updates
    • Quizzes to strengthen understanding
    • Personalized completion certificates
    • Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways
    Adoption tools:
    • A limited version of LMS365
    • The LMS365 Teams app
    • Anywhere access via mobile LMS365 app
    Personalized dashboards
    • Ability to assign Storyals topics to users
    • Rich learner progress reports
    • Professional support and maintenance
  • Business value

    With Storyals Pro organizations get powerful tools to accelerate digital adoption and provide their employees with the digital skills they need for today’s modern workplace. Digital training at your fingertips, accessible at any time, and new insights that can be applied directly on the job. Tools to assign Storyals learning content, send gentle reminders, and reward users with personalized completion certificates.

    Creating confident users gets rid of unnecessary frustration and lowers the need for technical support. It improves productivity and - without a doubt, creates a happier workplace!
  • Success factors

    To succeed with digital workplace adoption using Storyals Pro, your IT department or IT-hosting provider needs to be involved.

    With Storyals Pro learning content is made available to end users via SharePoint, Teams or via a mobile app. Storyals Pro leverages a limited version of LMS365 to provide and manage the Storyals learning content and Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways to provide “how-to” videos to end users.

    We know that to be successful in driving adoption and building digital skills, it is vital to have the support of management and other key stakeholders. We recommend you make a plan for how to roll out the adoption program to end-users in order to get everyone on-board. Storyals Adoption Experts are happy to help you with this.
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