Lightning Conductor for Microsoft Teams

Content Aggregation for Microsoft Teams. Create stylish views of content from aggregated SharePoint lists and libraries, Search results, and Microsoft Graph entities such as Planner tasks, OneDrive items, and messages.

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  • Business needs/problem

    Throughout Microsoft 365, business users work with content. The content may reside within SharePoint lists and libraries, Microsoft Planner, OneDrive, Outlook, and many more repositories. The Lightning Conductor enables business users to make the content available within Microsoft Teams, where the user is spending the majority of their time. For example, you could build aggregated Task list reports highlighting overdue tasks, or bring your documents from multiple SharePoint document libraries into Microsoft Teams.
  • Business solution

    The Lightning Conductor provides a tool that Microsoft Teams owners can configure to report on content from Microsoft 365. Using a powerful but simple to use configuration dialog, content can be queried from throughout SharePoint, Search, or Microsoft Graph entities. Columns can be selected, re-organized, grouped, conditionally formatted, and styled. All of the configuration can be achieved without complexity allowing team owners to build reports that business users can use to be within easy reach of their content.
  • Business value

    Business users can spend much of their time looking for content. They may not recall where they created that document, which tool they used to assign a task, or where content resides that was generated by a specific content type. The Lightning Conductor delivers content aggregated views with conditional formatting and grouping to bring the content that is most useful into your Microsoft Teams tabs. This saves frustration and time when looking for content, and through conditional formatting, even highlights the content that is most critical.
  • Success factors

    Government, financial, and technology organizations, among others, have found success with the Lightning Conductor. Business users haven’t possessed the skills or the time needed to configure reports using code such as JSON. With the Lightning Conductor, business users have found the tool to be flexible and powerful to build reporting solutions through SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.