Cyclotron Teams Live Events Support

Teams Live Events Support Offering

Cyclotron Training and Support for Teams Live Events. Learn how to Produce, Deliver and Support Teams Live Events.

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  • Business needs/problem

    Are you looking to host Teams Live Events for your Corporate Enterprise? Do you need to support a Virtual Conference?

    Cyclotron has a focused program to train and support your Production Team to deliver Teams Live Events.
  • Business solution

    Cyclotron has a three session Training Program focused preparing your team to run Teams Live Events:

    • Planning and Training
    • Hands on Experience
    • Real Time Support
  • Business value

    Enables a Customer’s Meetings Production Team to deliver and support Teams Live Events. Provides a repeatable process for delivering Live Events, preparing presenters for the experience, and providing troubleshooting and support during events.
  • Success factors

    Cyclotron has supported multiple multi-national corporations and professional organizations to deliver Teams Live Events. Once trained, these organizations have been able to support the ongoing delivery of Events with ease.
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