Clobba VR

A simple to use and affordable Voice Recording solution specifically built for MS Teams

Built for MS Teams, Clobba VR delivers call recording features at an acceptable price. It is typically used for training and monitoring, verification and dispute resolution ensuring the highest levels of customer service are achieved.

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  • Business needs/problem

    Many organizations using Teams have basic voice recording requirements where they need to easily locate a call and play it back. The recorded call can then be used for training and monitoring purposes or to confirm the details of the call. Team leaders may need to access and listen to team members’ calls and Clobba VR allows for this via a simple user interface.
  • Business solution

    Installed on a customer’s Teams tenant servers means full rights of ownership are retained with the recorded calls remaining in a customer’s environment. Recorded users must have a MS Teams Phone System licence allowing for recording of inbound, outbound, internal, federated and conference calls.

    The recorded calls can be played back or downloaded for review and sharing. Live calls can be listened to by employees with the correct user policies through the ‘silent monitoring’ feature. There is even the ability to manually pause and resume the recording for compliancy situations.

    And as Clobba VR is installed in a customer environment they have full ownership of the recorded calls and can retain the calls for whatever duration is required.
  • Business value

    Clobba VR delivers an affordable voice recording to organizations using Teams. Often used by organizations running Call Queues as a cost-effective way of monitoring and training the agents.

    An increase in the performance of agents will ultimately lead to an increase in customer satisfaction levels.
  • Success factors

    Our customers have seen an increase in agent performance through the ability to tailor employee training. Customer disputes are quickly resolved with the recordings verifying any customer discrepancies.
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