Atlas HoverPoint

Atlas HoverPoint - Make Your Point With Interactive Imagery

Atlas HoverPoint is a powerful yet easy-to-use Atlas tool for creating interactive images in Microsoft 365. HoverPoint makes learning and sharing knowledge so much simpler and more effective.

Driven organisations are always looking at how to improve employee engagement and spread knowledge. Our work with hundreds of companies has led us to a clear, concise answer: focus on learning.

For too long an organisation’s knowledge, if it’s captured at all, is wrapped up in long, tough-to-digest documents heavy on text and light on engagement. We all know a picture paints a thousand words, so why don’t we apply that?

With Atlas HoverPoint anyone can create eye-catching and interactive images with clickable regions to super charge engagement and add life to your digital workspace.

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  • Business needs/problem

    • The onboarding process as a new starter or stand-in worker may not always be effective.
    • Learning and education of workers is tricky while working remotely or on the frontline, especially if it is not provided in the person’s first language.
    • Health & Safety compliance is critical for some sectors - working on a construction site is hazardous and the site changes regularly.
    • Costly mistakes or delays due to construction or maintenance workers not always having the necessary information.
  • Business solution

    • A simple user interface to create and edit, click and point, add your text and save.
    • Hover with a mouse, click or tap to display rich text guides and links to further content (with video coming soon).
    • Use icons to add visual cues to content (e.g; power, entry/exit points, hazards etc.)
    • Embed within Atlas knowledge pages or MS Teams tabs.
    • Optimised for mobile and other devices.
    • Store as many images with as many HoverPoints as you need.
  • Business value

    • Mitigate health and safety risks by providing visual and interactive information to your workers, especially those on the frontline.
    • Simplify the onboarding process for new workers and keep them engaged. Many small increases in productivity and retention have a significant impact on the bottom line.
    • Enable self-service for quick answers to questions.
    • Reduce errors and improve learning by providing the right information at the right time.
    • Keep information updated without needing to reprint material.
    • Reduce paper waste and printing costs and minimise your impact on the environment.
  • Success factors

    • Information is more understandable and accessible to all workers
    • Less time and resources are wasted by getting the right information to the right people
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