AvePoint’s Virtual Assistant (AVA)

Easily recover and restore deleted Microsoft 365 emails, documents and SharePoint sites.

AvePoint’s Virtual Assistant (AVA) helps users find lost Microsoft 365 content. AVA is a Microsoft Teams chatbot that can help you find lost files or emails, without burdening your help desk or IT teams.

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  • Business needs/problem

    Content creation and consumption across various Microsoft 365 services like Exchange Online, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive is growing at a rapid pace.

    If emails, documents or SharePoint sites are deleted, how easy is it for a Microsoft 365 user to restore it especially if it’s not in the recycle bin anymore?

    How quick can the helpdesk or IT support team recover and restore content whenever help is requested?
  • Business solution

    Say hello to AVA, AvePoint’s Virtual Assistant! AVA automates common restore requests and other tedious tasks that could cause a help desk ticket backlog…basically making email, documents and SharePoint sites recovery and restore a cinch.

    AVA automatically responds to Microsoft Teams chats initiated by end users who are searching for lost content.

    AVA can locate missing files, recently modified documents, broken URLs to documents and files, lost emails in Microsoft 365.

    AVA gives your help desk team the freedom to focus on more pressing tasks at hand, while making restore and recovery just another an easy-to-use feature for your end users. With security always top of mind, you can bet AVA’s got all the right controls in place to enforce permissions and make sure content stays in the right hands. AVA is the helpful little chatbot you forgot you needed.
  • Business value

    By enabling users access to self-service restore capabilities, users can get the data they need quicker and lower the burden on help desk and IT support.
  • Success factors

    • Quick recovery and restoration of Microsoft 365 content for end users
    • Reduce helpdesk and IT team support burden
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