AvePoint MyHub

Easily organize and keep track of your Teams, Sites, Groups and Communities in Microsoft 365

Meet AvePoint MyHub, your one-stop-shop for managing existing Microsoft 365 workspaces and creating new ones—all from Microsoft Teams or our handy web app! Organize, centralize, and take control of your Microsoft 365 workspaces. Even curate workspace hubs for easier navigation and management.

Simplify your Microsoft 365 collaboration experience with AvePoint MyHub. Make it easy to do the right thing and start becoming more productive today!

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  • Business needs/problem

    Increased collaboration across various Microsoft 365 services like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and Yammer as adoption of Microsoft 365 continues to grow at a rapid pace.

    In addition to rapid adoption of these services, membership to multiple Teams, Groups, or access to various SharePoint sites are overwhelming Microsoft 365 users.

    With this challenge, how can you easily organize, centralize, and manage your Microsoft 365 workspaces? How can you have a one stop shop and have a single view into all the workspaces they collaborate? How can you organize these collaboration workspaces based on importance or purpose?
  • Business solution

    AvePoint MyHub is a Microsoft 365 certified Microsoft Teams app that provides a central location for users to manage their existing Microsoft 365 workspaces (Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 Groups, Yammer communities, and SharePoint sites) and create new ones.

    Users are able to create “personal tags” to filter organize and filter workspaces across hubs. For example, a user can apply a “Project” tag to all project-related workspaces across Microsoft Teams, Yammer and SharePoint.

    MyHub allows users to easily find and organize the workspaces of interest, while having the ability to quickly navigate to the files, tasks, calendars, or content they need from a single location.

    Microsoft 365 offers powerful collaboration workspaces, and MyHub aims to reduce time spent looking for information and gives users direct access to workspaces they care the most about
  • Business value

    AvePoint MyHub enables easy organization of Microsoft 365 workspaces, efficient access to relevant information, and ensures collaboration security in Microsoft 365.
  • Success factors

    • Improved productivity through efficient access to relevant information
    • Facilitates sustainable Microsoft 365 adoption through easy organization of workspaces
    • Ensures collaboration security through better visibility and control of workspace memberships
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