Learning Videos

Learning content for all Microsoft 365 apps, Windows & Edge, Security Fundamentals and Devices.

Get new learning videos every month and keep the users always up to date. The service is customized, so it fits perfectly for your organization and is integrated into your specific Microsoft 365 or LMS.

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  • Business needs/problem

    Users are overwhelmed with all the digital tools and features Microsoft 365 provides. They do not welcome change and stick to their “business as usual”. The users must be informed of the changes, new features and the benefits. On the other hand it is important to provide the user only with the information he needs. It is not sufficient to have Classroom based training every two to three years to train users in a specific tool set.
  • Business solution

    The 365 Akademie provides learning videos for
    • all Microsoft 365 Apps
    • Windows & Edge
    • Security Fundamentals
    • Devices
    The videos are short, simple to follow and based on use cases.

    Integrated in your Microsoft 365 and customized to fit the needs of your organization.

    Have Stream channels for a specific field of activity like internal collaboration and office work or sort the videos by important apps. Target groups like project manager or assistance are also a way to sort the videos.

    The user is free to choose which information and videos he wants to look at and stay informed, and which videos are not relevant for his daily work.

    Search for a video you are looking for. This is possible because all the videos are transcribed.

    The videos are available in German and English. More languages are available as subtitles.

    The learning content can be implemented into:
    • Team in Teams
    • Intranet
    • SharePoint site
    • LMS
    • Microsoft Learning Pathways
    • Microsoft Viva Learning
    The 365 Akademie is your learning partner with professional support.
  • Business value

    With the 365 Akademie learning videos organizations keep their employees always up to date for today´s modern workplace. The users get new insights and use cases that can be applied directly on the job.

    Provide the right information for your employees and lower frustration. Build a modern social learning environment for self-organized learning. This provides a happier workplace. It also lowers the need for technical support and improves the usage of all the provided digital tools.

    The users can watch the videos wherever they are, even on their smartphone.
  • Success factors

    The support of management and other key stakeholders and a communication strategy are the two main aspects of a successful implementation. The 365 Akademie supports you with its expertise and gives insights and impulses.
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