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Get the latest news and announcements about Windows developer platform. We’ve got updates on Project Reunion, APIs, and developer tools.

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Project Reunion

Project Reunion is our vision for unifying and evolving the Windows developer platform to make it easier to build great apps that work across all Windows 10 versions and devices that people use.

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MSIX in the Enterprise: State of the Union for developers and IT Pros

The MSIX platform is continuing to grow and adapting to customer needs. Let's walk through what's new in the past year for the MSIX platform and what it means for your enterprise. We will also cover the plans upcoming for the MSIX platform.

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Reduce developer friction with Azure Code Signing

Azure Code Signing (ACS) is a service from Microsoft to enable developers and IT Pros to minimize the friction in code signing. The session will walk through the basics and importance of code signing and how ACS will help reduce the challenges inv...

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Code change to app update in minutes – using MSIX with CI/CD Pipelines

With MSIX and Azure DevOps you can go from making a code change in your repo to getting the updated release of your application on users’ machines in a matter of minutes. Join us for this demo-driven session as we demonstrate how to use MSIX CI/CD...

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CSWinRT: how to call Windows WinRT APIs from .NET5 applications

With .NET5 we've decoupled the support for calling Windows WinRT APIs. Join us for a demo showing what component authors and app developers need to do differently to support .NET5 going forward.

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Continued learning

Building WebRTC into Windows Native apps with WinRTC

WebRTC gives you the open source, standards-based power to connect to others and build dynamic, powerful communications and data services. With WinRTC, you can now bring that capability directly into your Windows applications — without a browser —...

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