Storytelling for Champions

The use of storytelling can greatly increase the impact of any adoption campaign through the sharing of use cases, successes, and overcoming hurdles.

Accelerate your results

Leverage the resources below to transform your organization’s storytelling capabilities and increase the impact of your adoption initiatives.

Build your storytelling capabilities

Leverage this deck to learn how to apply storytelling practices in your role as an adoption Champion. Apply the suggested framework for finding and growing good stories within your communities. Use the classic story structure model to capture and tell compelling stories of the adoption successes that are being driven across your organization.


Three storytelling principles

Real people inspire us
Stories are about real people in real life. When empowered by technology, they make anything possible, and their stories inspire more people to care.

Journeys have ups and downs
Achievements are the result of journeys with beginnings, middles, and ends. Showing the tension between the challenges and the outcomes creates interest and enables people to relate.

People help each other to thrive
The greatest challenges are overcome through the support of colleagues, friends, families, and communities. Leverage stories to reveal how people help each other and share in the journey.

LinkedIn Learning storytelling course

Storytelling is a powerful way to make people care about products, brands, and causes. It can facilitate sales, marketing, presentations, and just about any other task that requires a human connection. LinkedIn Influencer and best-selling business author Shane Snow shares his approach to crafting compelling stories.

Learn how to make people care with personal stories, brand stories, or any other kind of story—using the core elements of narrative and established storytelling frameworks. Find out how to maximize connections with your audience and create a culture of storytelling throughout your organization.

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