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Emergency Operations Center

Facilitate accelerated deployment of collaboration, communication, and task management capabilities for emergency response operations through our open-source app template in Microsoft Teams.

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The Microsoft Teams Emergency Operations Center solution template leverages the power of the Microsoft 365 platform to centralize incident response, information sharing and field communications using powerful services like Microsoft Lists, SharePoint, and more. An open-source solution supported by Microsoft, it provides core functionality out of the box or can be extended to meet specific agency requirements.

Microsoft Teams Emergency Operation Center graphicThe Microsoft Teams Emergency Operation Center (TEOC) stitches together solutions on the Microsoft 365 platform along with Azure to enable a response center focused in Microsoft Teams. Using the TEOC, you’ll have quick access to visualize, create, and act on new incidents that need organizational response in a standardized method. The solution centers around providing specific capabilities for the management of major or minor incidents:

  • Centralized incident creation and dashboard
  • Role specific assignments per incident
  • Records management
  • Situational reporting
  • Notifications
  • Secure and controllable
Centralized Incident creation & dashboard icon

Centralized incident
creation and dashboard

Create and respond to incidents fast and through a centralized location. Allow staff to maintain situational awareness.

Role specific assignments per incident icon

Role specific assignments
per incident

Create unique roll assignments that automatically trigger tag creation for easy and structured communication.

Records management icon

Records management

Adequately manage records for mission critical activities/topics. Provide stakeholders with the most important views needed for a response to log and coordinate response activities using tools you already have like SharePoint and Lists.

Situational Reporting icon

Situational reporting

Effectively provide updates on a situation’s status via SharePoint News integration. Leverage Microsoft Forms for external data collection.

Notifications & Mobile App icon

Notifications and mobile app

Provide notifications to the response leads and partners in an emergency using tiered alerts from Microsoft Teams and access the TEOC from the Teams mobile app.

Secure and Controllable icon

Secure and controllable

Built with the Teams SDK and leveraging Azure App Registrations ensure that the permissions are scalable to the app.

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