A day in the life of a volunteer manager using Microsoft Teams

8:00 AM

Jacob starts his day using Teams by reviewing shift plans while collaborating and communicating with his colleagues. Throughout the day, he uses Teams mobile app to check activity and respond in real-time to the needs of volunteers and colleagues.

8:30 AM

While walking to the office and using his smartphone, he joins his daily status meeting to discuss the volunteer recruitment event taking place later in the day.

9:30 AM

Once in the office, Jacob accesses the recruiting event spreadsheet in the Files tab and works with other team members on finding out when and where to send volunteers co-editing in Excel.

10:30 AM

Jacob hosts an induction video call with some recently recruited volunteers and uses PowerPoint to review Contoso.org’s volunteer policies with them. Once complete, he records the session’s notes and questions in the New Volunteer Induction channel.

12:00 PM

On the planner app, Jacob notices he has a task to complete for the event later in the day. He creates a new Volunteer Recruitment and Events channel and relocates the spreadsheet he worked on earlier for the event there and invites his teammates to provide feedback.

1:30 PM

Jacob checks his feed for notifications and @mentions and receives a request from one of his volunteers regarding a shift swap later in the week with another volunteer. He makes the change in Shifts and informs them both by @mentioning them.

2:30 PM

Jacob receives a request via Teams chat to meet with one of his volunteers right before the event is scheduled to start. He is able to start a chat quickly in Teams and avoids an issue without a long chain of emails.

5:30 PM

With the event now over, Jacob navigates to the Dynamics tab and updates his CRM with new volunteer leads. He also uses the Stream tab to share videos from the event and shares them with the rest of his team, and sends praise for their fantastic efforts. All in a day’s work for Jacob.