A day in the life of a human resources manager with low vision using Microsoft 365

8:15 AM

While on the bus to work, Jose sees he has an @mention on a document he posted in Teams. He turns on Immersive Reader to hear the message read aloud.

9:15 AM

Time to check in on projects in Teams. He turns on High Contrast mode to make it easier to read and write chat messages.

9:45 AM

His manager, Ana, has tasked him with updating the employee handbook. He uses the Magnifier reader in Windows 10 to make it easier to see and understand the information quickly

11:30 AM

Jose will be switching between his Edge browser and documents. He increases the size of his mouse point and changes the color to green, making it easier to find. He also turns on cursor indicator, making it easier to find the section he’s editing in the doc.

11:45 AM

An Outlook audio notification alerts him that he has received an email with documents attached.

2:30 PM

The handbook is ready for review. He composes an email outlining the changes and adds a link to the doc, which is saved in OneDrive. He runs an accessibility check before sending the email out. It’s good to go

3:15 PM

A quick coffee break and then it’s time to prepare for his meeting with Ana to rehearse his presentation for next week’s allhands meeting.

4:00 PM

Ana arrives for rehearsal. As the PowerPoint slides are shared, he turns on a private high contrast mode so he can see more easily.

5:00 PM

Jose uses Cortana to check a train schedule before heading home.