A day in the life of a retail associate using Microsoft Teams

7:00 AM

Starts the day at home by catching up on details for his upcoming shift, assigns and open tasks and reviews important announcements for the day.

7:45 AM

While commuting, Nestor uses the Microsoft Teams smartphone app to check who is working in the upcoming shift, and assigns an open task to himself.

8:15 AM

At work, Nestor clocks-in to his shift using Teams.

9:00 AM

Nestor works on tasks assigned to him while seeking additional help from associates in another store using persistent chat in Teams

11:45 AM

While on his shift, Nestor notices the restroom door is broken. He quickly takes a picture and uploads it to the maintenance channel in Teams to initiate a service repair.

12:00 PM

Using Teams, Nestor chats with his friends to arrange lunch and then clocks out.

1:00 PM

Back from lunch, Nestor gets a call from his wife informing him that one of their kids is sick and he’ll need to stay home tomorrow. Nestor uses Teams on his smart phone to request a shift change.

1:45 PM

Nick, the store manager, reviews the shift change request on his PC through Teams and initiates a group chat to find a replacement for Nestor. He approves the request.

3:00 PM

Nestor starts store decoration planning for an upcoming holiday and needs some creative inspiration. He uses Teams to check on ideas and pictures stored in SharePoint and by other stores for the same event.

4:00 PM

A new policy for vacation has been issued by the HR department. Nick is updating everyone via the announcement feature in Teams and Nestor receives the notification on his smartphone.

5:00 PM

Nestor closes the completed tasks in the Teams app and clocks-out to head home to his family.

5:15 PM

While commuting home, Nestor checks for any new shift changes and sees the one approved by Nick, the store manager.