A day in the life of a nurse supervisor using Microsoft Teams

7:00 AM

Michelle starts her day at the hospital by clocking in using Teams on her mobile device as she prepares for her shift.

8:30 AM

From the nursing station, Michelle reviews the day’s Shift Report Summary, and sees patient care items have been flagged as high priority. Michelle reviews these items and follows-up on missing lab work and potential discharges.

9:00 AM

She then heads to the Daily Huddles with the clinical team and ensures they are monitoring their Teams channel for priority items that require completion for patient care.

10:00 AM

In charge of managing bed assignments, Michelle makes sure available beds are cleaned and ready for admissions. She sends notes to biomed that room 1A needs a bed repaired/replacement.

10:45 AM

Michelle tags a new nurse in OneNote that contains the PICC prep checklist to make sure the doctor has what is needed

11:30 AM

She reviews the patient discharge list to confirm they have required medications, medical devices, and care instructions for discharge to be completed.

1:00 PM

Michelle attends the hospital Quality and Safety Huddle and learns there is an increase in infection rates on the Dashboard for 2 nursing care units. The trends are tracked to improperly cleaned equipment

3:00 PM

She tags the Nurse Supervisors at both hospital locations where the equipment is used. She creates a new Teams channel to keep in touch and share best practices with her colleagues.

4:30 PM

A patient’s family shows up in the waiting room and asks Michelle about a loved one. She searches for the patient’s electronic record on her mobile device and updates the family.

6:00 PM

Michelle schedules the monthly inservice training for updated procedures and tags all nurses and supporting staff.

7:00 PM

At the end of her shift, Michelle reviews Shift Summary with oncoming Charge Nurse and clocks out.